Barry and the Vets...

52014-oliarAnother scandal has broken, sending yet another chill down the limp spines of Democrats everywhere as the Obama Administration has once again found itself in CYA mode.

On its surface, it is easy to ignore the VA scandal, chalking it up as just another of the many recent scandals that Obama has found dangling off his neck during the floundering Second Term...

This is like the third or forth freakout the Republicans have had in the past few months (all warranted, I might add, though never really effectively brought to American people) over some new way President Obama has 52014-brokenmanfound to steal the very soul of America during his eight year campaign to fundamentally restructure the nation into some third rate banana republic. And, if we would be honest with ourselves (and I really hate to say this), despite what we Americans like to say in our beer commercials and on holidays like Memorial Day and Veterans Day, our nation have had a long history of treating our vets like shit... Ever since the end of the Revolutionary War our nation has short changed our nation’s fighting men (as has every single culture who has taken up arms across the history of the world... its a sad reality of the sell sword business...). So the idea of yet another Administration claiming that it was going to do everything it could to help the latest generation of those who gave so much when our nation called upon them only to then treat our bravest like just another line in their accounting ledger, subject to the whims and rancor of the Representatives more eager to score political points than to actually do the work we sent them there to do shouldn't come at all as a surprise. 

But this latest drop of that sacred promise feels different... 



The Road to Hell…


52014-ssobamaFor starters, the Democrats themselves are running from this one fast. They stood by through the IRS (hell, the cocksuckers probably admired the hell out of him for doing it). They stuck around through Obamacare, a mess that is still bearing toxic fruit to this day. Even through Bengazi, as those political waters get murkier by the day for the Administration in that quagmire of ineptness, Obama still manages to find allies. 

But not with this one; the rats bailing fast as the iceberg crashes against the beleaguered hull of Obama's nearly tragic second term, leaving him to answer to the attacks of the opposition alone. 

Which brings us to the more deadly piece of weight... The scandal itself. 

For the most part,  we Americans like to think we do a pretty good job of honoring our troops. And included in that honoring is this unspoken promise we like to think our Nation hold with it's soldiers... To take care of them 52014-woundedvetafter we break them. 

It's the least we can do...We may not agree with why they went, we might not like that they went at all; but ultimately we understand that these poor bastards are pawns on the chess board, put into play because of the orders men we put in charge to speak for us gave, thus putting us on the hook when they come back blowed up and maimed. 

We understand shit happens… Like I said before, we say we only want the best for our vets but understand things are not always going to end well for everyone. It's sad and it sucks, but it is a part of life.

What we don't want though is for the shit that happens to be the bi-product of some twisted political maneuver our President and his loyalists put into place with the intent to trick us into thinking we are fixing the process to 52014-barryandthevetshelp our veterans along (things I might add that Lord Barack ran on saying he was going to do something about), all the while creating an even bigger mess- complete with lies and cover ups and paper shredding and whistleblowers- which may very well be directly responsible for the unnecessary deaths of some forty plus veterans. 

That's not shit happening.

That's shit fucking up. 

(Fucking up huge, if we are being honest... And sadly, something we are becoming more and more used to during the reign of Barack Obama. Lots of fucking up and him being angry about it after the fact... You know... When he finds out about fuck ups about the same time we do... Fuck ups, I might further add, we only really know anything about thanks to Fox News and a few websites on the internet; the rest of our media rendered toothless as they are drawn to tears by some insignificant racial comment made by some jackass, an inconsequential, insensitive tweet that nine people might have seen, or continuing a never ending hot for missing jetliners. But I digress...)

These fuck ups bring us to perhaps the most dangerous weight that this scandal can bring crashing down upon President Obama (and the Democrats at large, for that matter)…

Down like the menacing hammer fists of Ivan Putzski…


This one can really hurt the ideology. 

With all it's valorous talk and the nobility of its charge, for all intents and purposes the VA is nothing more than a small scale single payer system; targeting a select population for its services. And this system, despite it being steeps in a tradition of honor and commitment, ended up being just as corrupt and penny pinching and filled with bureaucratic sycophants as every other useless, nightmarish government function. 

52014-obamacareAnd it's a microcosm of our Nation's healthcare if we continue down the road Obamacare has lead us upon.

It didn't take long for rumors to pop up all over the interwebs (admittedly, in sights sketchier than mine for the most part, but the national talking heads alluded to it as well) of these deaths ending up being the casualties of a "death panel"; the idea of these catastrophicly injured and permimantly broken men (made all that they are today thanks to the United States Armed Forces) being shuffled off to a forgotten list to die somewhat plausible, the cost of repairing their injuries not evening out on the scales at the head office. And if they are going to do this to those with whom there is that unspoken promise that guarantees such cruel oversight would not occur when it came to their needs, what are we to think will be done with us? 

52014-takethepillWould it have been better if instead of secret lists and real scumbaggery, the Administration's officials had handed these used up men a pill (as Obama himself told some poor woman in 2009, when she asked about treatment options for her ancient mother), and asked them to once again set the example for our nation to follow? 

Because that's the road we ourselves are headed down... One where government prescriptions and red tape clutter every move in relation to your healthcare needs, where an appointment being made to see someone to start getting help for time sensitive treatments (not getting help, mind you, but beginning the process to getting you to the doctor to see about starting to get you fixed) being made at least two weeks ahead of time was an improvement, and where forty plus unneeded deaths (in the Arizona VA office alone… God knows how many poor souls saw this sort of cruel fate befall them) happened due to nothing more than brain scratching incompetence! And that's if this nonsense washes out favorably for the President. It's entirely possible this could get people sent to jail.


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