Barry and the Vets... - 2.

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All things considered though, as ugly a scandal as this is, the VA mess won't end poorly for President Obama...

Short of a public murder, perhaps during the opening of the State of the Union show, there would be nothing that would inspire this current Legislature to try and "kill the King” as it were; the shrieks of Left bemoaning any effort to have the Nation's first black Chief Executive removed under a shroud of dishonor as nothing more than bigoted actions fueled by deep seeded racist desires to humiliate yet another black man already deafening (you can almost see the headlines in your head... A shadowy picture of Obama reminiscent of famed portraits of Jesus' suffering in the garden before his Passion gracing the Nation's papers of record with the bold typed words "LYNCHED" taking up half the page). 


But he may be forced to give over a few scalps of some trusted advisors... Maybe have to eat a few shit sandwiches for a little while from the Democrats as the Republicans- near death just a few scant years ago as they seemed ready to rip themselves to bits in a bloody civil war- begin to surge in the wake of two terms of unimaginable failure on every single policy implementation that this bunch of jackasses managed to bungle; forcing him into some odd Jimmy Cartered styled post-Presidential odyssey for a legacy beyond the failures of his term in office.


Perhaps he might even have to watch as this latest scandal's tentacles manages to drag his signature legislation in it’s wake; the comparisons between the two unavoidable (and an easy connection to be made by a skillful politician). 

But ultimately he will be fine. He'll ride out the last two years in the same regal style he has grown accustomed to; comfortably fading off into memory as we begin the busy work of cleaning up the mess left in his wake. 

The same cannot be said for some forty plus families (agani, just in the Arizona office)...

For those poor bastards, things will never be fine again. They have been betrayed by their country, handing over their most precious sacrifice only to see it thrown aside like common trash. They watched as their loved one was lied to by the man they entrusted with their care and by the system they swore to uphold and ultimately died defending. 

And it isn't just them taking note... 

Every single American out there has been touched by our decade long foreign adventure. We have vets in our families. We have friends who are vets. We do business with them. And go to church with them. 

We all see how awful they are treated. And worse, we are all hearing the deafening silence coming from Washington as the Administration scramble for a hashtag or some other piece of useless hype they can shine up and try to pass off as actually taking steps to solve something; their inability to explain this extreme oversight speaking volumes. 

We are all watching how a government like our handles healthcare... How that process, like the rest of the processes of Government, becomes mired in soulless regulation and unaccountable orders to the point of no longer efficiantly serving the people the program was created to assist in the first place. And we are doing so shocked, our mouths agape while our Fearless Leader sits high atop his Iron Throne doing anything but explaining himself to us. 


Like I said, it would be easy to ignore this present scandal...


But if I was the Democrats, I'd really pay attention. 



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