The Illfated Quest for Israeli Peace...

71014-israel-flagsEver since I was a young man, there has been a problem with Israel and Palestinians. Thirty six years of those two just going after one another like dogs, with the United States standing between the two sides holding the leash just keeping the two from going at one another. 

My entire life they have been going at it, and my entire life our media has gone ape shit dreaming of the day that through our mere greatness, we can simply will what a grudge match as long as history hasn't been able to settle... Peace in Israel.


And every President, sans Obama (sort of refreshingly), has seemingly gone out of their way to try and broker some sort of peace there. I heard someone (I really wish I could remember who... Probably someone on a Red Eye but not 100%... Serves me right for getting stoned while watching Fox News Channel) opine that Presidents battle this windmill because it gives them something to do that they don't need to be successful in to get credit for doing. It's the sort of task that has little expectation of a favorable outcome, and- due to our Nation's Judeo-Christian based infatuation with the "Holy Land"- the mere going through the motions of trying buys you sufficient good will to make the dance worth the effort, and it made sense. 

They talk, take some pictures, shake hands after a few days, and maybe they get  a few months to go by without a bombing or bulldozering. But inevitably it will rise up again, as it has always done, and again the world will demand someone do something. So I came up with an idea test I feel might once and for all solve this Gordian Knot that seems to perplex this world so.... 


Steer into it. 


We have been pulling our hair trying to impose a peace between these two factions when the soliton, as ugly and as gory as it might end up being, has been staring at us since the beginning. Let them fight. 

71014-israel-dvgAnd not just these scrums they get into periodically, trading rockets with one another like kids in a "dirt ball war"... An honest to goodness, winner take all throw down. It's the only solution for either side. For the Israelis, it's really the only option they have left; the Palestinians (mainly Hamas as a group, but they are part of the Palestinian governing faction) spending the past twelve days firing rockets int their cities (which their Iron Dome has been handling thus far). How well would we tolerate it if the Seminole Indians started firing RPGs off their reservations? With smiles and understanding? They have a right to deal with threats to their citizens, be they foreign or domestic, however the see fit. 

As for the Palestinians, why should the rest of the world deny these peoples what our own nation did to earn its freedom? We fought an external governing force for our independence... Why shouldn't they? If they want a two state solution, then fight to a stalemate and where the war naturally hits it's standstill is your border. A border bought in blood will be more easily acknowledged than a subdivision the UN is forcing Israel to concede because they are forcing some sort of social justice. If the Palestinians are foolish enough to want to go picking a fight wit the most powerful military in the region, why deny them the glory of such an offensive? In the long run, a bloody, battle (even a one sided battle) will do much to settle the bad blood, a definitive defeat easier to swallow than yet another forced "I'm sorry" by the Israelis because it makes America happy to hear them say it.   


What makes the Red man red...


In its infancy, America had to do much the same things when we tried to impose a two state solution with the indigenous peoples on the land our ancestors settled. For hundreds of years, we warred, slaughtered, cheated, and humiliated our red skinned adversaries until they had neither the will nor numbers left to continue their offensive. It was ugly, it was unpleasant  but it also settled the matter forever. Navajos don't go 71014-israel-protestraiding Phoenix or Mesa. Seminoles haven't claimed a pale skinned scalp in ages. It seemed to solve the problem without a question from either side ever again. Why couldn't the same happen in Israel?


 This is a world that is governed by the aggressive use of Force... Always has been. War is a universally understood language, violence cutting through the thick headed and most stubborn and unyielding of hearts faster than any reasoned plea for temperance and understanding. It's misguided to think we can force peace where neither side wants one. So let them bloody one another until there isn't the will (or combatants, either or) left to fight. Simple as that. 


[As for lingering concerns of other combatants entering into the theatre, as long as it is a regional power it should be allowed to happen as well. Odds are, after a few hard slaps by Israel's first world military, they will head back to the sidelines; the lack of national interest making the loss of life too costly an expense. Besides, Israel has a couple of nukes (allegedly) tucked away for just such an occasion... ]


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