All the News that Sh*t- 7/27/14

72814-shit-anchorThe Chinese have a curse they like to toss around…

May you live in interesting times…

And Lordy, Lordy… these are certainly some interesting goddamned times…


And now, here comes News…


41% of American millennials prefer a socialist society to a capitalist one. 


A new study, brought forth by the Reason-Rupe Spring 2014 Millennial Survey polled 2000 millennials (aged 18-29). What they found was rather staggering...

42% of the polled favor a socialist system over a capitalist one. But this doesn't show a rise in Red Fever in America's youth. More like their lack of education on the subject. Only 16% of these high minded nimrods could correctly identify socialism as a system of government where there is Government ownership of the economy. It also found that 84% of these same millennials (that a different recent survey discovered only a third of hem are employed full time, with another third spinning their wheels part time).  It also found that a third of these hopes for the future live at home with their dad and mom and only 16% of them believe they will be economically better off than their folks. 

As for where these geniuses plan on voting for in 2016, 53% claim that are DYING to vote for Hillary. As for the republicans, the know one to even crack double digets was Paul Ryan with an anemic 17% support. 



Black women demand white gays stop doing impressions of them. 


Black women are demanding that gay men stop doing impressions of them. No, seriously. Activist Sierra Mannie, literally the angriest woman in existence,  is claiming that the "Gay Speak" is a blatant impression of the way that proud black women speak and she is demanding it back. Claiming that "blacks can't have anything", Sierra unleashed her diatribe upon the good people of the University of Mississippi before Time Magazine felt compelled to unleash this full throated protest to the blatant bastardization of "Diva Culture" that  black women hold so dear. 


Good fucking god we really have gone insane.....


Mugabe has issued new decree: no land for whites in Zimbabwe. 


Finally... Somewhere on Earth where there is no benefit to being white...


The last remaining old school strong man in that god awful continent has made an official decree claiming that there will no longer be land owned by honkeys in Zimbabwe. They can own apartments and businesses, but no farm land. 

"We say no to whites owning our land and they should go... They can own companies and apartments... But not the soil. It is ours and that message should ring loud and clear in Britain and the United States."


Study finds chimps pass on intelligence. 


A study published in "Current Biology" makes he startling claim that over half of chimpanzee intelligence is heritable... Just like with humans. 

Quoting William Hopkins, researcher at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center and author of the study:

"...The historical view is that non-genetic factors dominate animal intelligence, and our findings challenge that view…. Intelligence runs in families…. As is the case in humans, genes matter when it comes to cognitive abilities in chimpanzees…. It doesn’t mean that they are the only factor determining cognitive abilities, but they cannot be ignored..."

And now we see how the robots will eventually conquer our grandchildren... There will be an uprising in the forests as legions of evolved chimps begin marauding the Indian and South American countrysides (Africa will fall first. It will be quick and sudden as they are on the Monkey's turf). The robots, by this time composing the majority of the first world's militaries will face these furry devils, but only to event conclude that the issue with maintaining peace is the ability of apes to evolve. It will then Begin to exterminate the apes (and dolphins for good measure), not stoping with man as our own ape based genetics and constant evolution will render us as threats as well. It will subjugate humanity then, this mechanical menace; demanding compliance with a single choice: 

Submit to the implant that controls these chaotic human tendencies or die. 


Fight the future! 


Possible illegal alien spreading the Consumption in LA. 


Prosecutors in Northern California obtained a state wide arrest warrant to find a transient man after escaping from a California's hospital's care with a very resilient strain of tuberculosis. Eduardo Rosas Cruz, a 25 he old illegal alien, escaped from a hotel that the San Joaquin General Hospital checked him into after diagnosing he man with TB. 

Thee warrant was sought because Eddie originated from a part of he world that has a particularly drug resistant strain of TB that could pose a real health crisis if not bottled up quickly. 


Study claims climate models overestimated global warming for last 55 years.


Oh boy... Al Gore is really not going to like hearing this... 

A paper has surfaced has discovered that the climate models that the entire "Global Warming movement" has been based upon May be greatly overstating the warming that it finds in it's climate models and data. 

The paper, published in the journal "Environmetrics", found some major discrepancies between the figures stated in the models and those that were in the raw, observed data. 

Over the 55 yrs from 1958 to 2012, climate models not only significantly over-predict observed warming in the tropical troposphere, but they represent it in a fundamentally different way than it was observed." states Ross McKitrick, an economist with the University of Guelph in Canada and co-author of the study. 

He also noted that while ALL CLIMATE MODELS predicted a rise in carbon dioxide levels would spurn rapid, cataclysmic warming trends in the troposphere over the tropics, there has been NO satellite or weather balloon that has detected such a trend (let alone any actual warming at all), meaning that here has to be something fundamentally flawed with the models.   

Oh, and that these deeply flawed models also misrepresent the warming trend itself, showing it as as tricking smooth upward arch as opposed to a singular event that seemed to start and stop in the late 1970s (coinciding with something called the "Pacific Climate Shift", a known and expected natural phenomenon.

But this study is the scary part of screaming that the emporer has no clothes...

A 2006 study released by the US Climate Change Science Program also concluded that there were some "potentially serious inconsistency" in the models depicting tropospheric warming. And again in a 2011 study done jointly by British and American Government scientists came to a similar conclusion, statig that there “is no reasonable evidence of a fundamental disagreement between tropospheric temperature trends from models and observations when uncertainties in both are treated comprehensively.”


Yet our commander in chief keeps basing his environmental and energy policies (and pumping donors as well) by keeping his steady bear on those global warming drums just a steady beating. 


And speaking of Lord Barack... 


33% of Americans want Barry O. impeached.   


A CNN/ORC poll has found some troubling numbers in a recent survey of Americans. 45% of Americans believe that President Obama has overstepped his bounds as President (by comparison, the same poll taken in 2006 found 48% of those same Americans  feeling the same way towards President Bush).  But more troubling for the beleaguered Obama, 33% of his subjects would like to see him impeached (again, by comparison, Bush had 30% in 2006 clamoring for him to do a perp walk off the grounds). 

But Barry can sleep easy still...

As Eric Holder so eloquently pointed out, hating Obama is a white people thing (the poll showing that 41% of whites would like to see him strung up, as opposed to only 17% of non-whites). It also seems to break hard along party lines, with 57% of republicans calling for impeachment as opposed to only 13% of Democrats.


Seattle's $15/h minimum wage initiative failed. 


Forward Seattle has announced that they failed to collect the necessary signatures needed to get the id="mce_marker"5/hour city side minimum wage on the November ballot, falling 1237 signatures short of the 124490 needed to compel the city council of Seattle to put the initiative on the ballot. 

But showing that plucky Leftist spirit that just never lets these cancerous ideas that ruin societies die on the scrap piles of history, the group continued to urge its supporters to keep banging their Representitives cause they can put up anything they want to a vote. 




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