All the News that's Shit- 8/25/14

25814-shit-watercooler_closerNothing like going away for a week to give you some much needed rest and clarity as we dive head first into the rest of the year. Thankfully, I didn't seem to miss anything last week, did I??? 

But now here we are… face to face… Let us forget… time and space… As we dive headfirst into another week’s worth of all the shit thats happened last week… so you wont look like an ass when people around you start talking about something other than Nicki Minaj fingering herself at the VMAs...

All the News That's Shit- 8/25

Big Brains claim that resistance will be futile… 

25814-shit-asterooidScientists have given the Earth an expiration date... But don't go freaking out yet... Researchers at the University of Tennessee  have given us grim news as they popped our collective bubbles, declaring that our plan to blow up any incoming asteroids destined for impact would actually make things worse (if there is actually something worse than an extinction level event)... This makes the drop dead date predicted in 2002 of March 16, 2880 (as of now) our official doomsday once again... (since sending up oil rig workers to blow up the threat was our official plan to deal with such threats). 

Thankfully I won't know anyone then, so fuck 'em. 

More knee jerking when it comes to guns…

25814-shit-dino-targetA kid in Summerville, Virginia was suspended from school for writing a sentence in a story for English class. The outlawed sentence, claiming he needed to use a gun to take care of business (the business of killing a fictitious dinosaur), earned this little delinquent a week's suspension, with school officials claiming his words created an unsafe and unsettled environment. 

God save us all. 

Beat on the Fag???

25814-shit-new-blackIn Gay news, a disturbing trend has been gaining popularity with New Orleans' middle schoolers... Queer Bashing. 

Roving gangs of 11-13 yr olds have been wandering the shadows of the Quarter, randomly assaulting local gays and artists. But before you go getting your panties all in a wad, it's believed to be more over gentrification than it is over gay hate (but, given the homophobic and anti-white things said as the beating occur, there's no reason to think it isn't part of the reasoning). It also goes to say that the neighborhoods where the beats are occurring are the two most dangerous in the city. 


From gays to trannies… 

 25814-shit-trannieThe former psychiatrist-in-chief at John Hopkins Hospital, a Dr. Paul R. McHugh, made a claim in a June editorial in the Wall Street Journal that set the Progressive world ablaze this week (took them long enough), going out of his way to remind us all that transgenderism is not a healthy and normal process some of us undergo during our journey but rather a mental disorder.  

Dr. McHugh claimed that the recent social and political move to "normalize" trannies are "... Doing no favors to the public or the transgendered by treating their confusions [which he refered to as a disorder of assumption] as a right in need of defending rather than as a mental disorder that deserves understanding, treatment, and prevention..."

 He then cites some scary facts to go along with his chiding of do-gooder fools who seek to normalize this 25814-shit-tranniesform of madness. He claimed that suicide among tyrannies who had underwent gender reassignment modifications is twenty times higher than that of non-transgendered. He also claimed that children who claimed to be transgendered "grow out of it" nearly spontaneously (to the tune of 70-80%). He had more to say though concerning kids... None of it too flattering... 

"This assumption, that one's gender is only in the mind regardless of anatomical reality, has lead some transgendered people to push for social acceptance and affirmation of their own subjective "personal truth"", leading some states - such as California, New Jersey, and Massachusetts- have passed laws that bar psychologist, "even those with parental permission, from striving to restore natural gender feelings to a minor." 

This rechurned flare up comes on the heels of the LGBTQ (that list is getting a bit long there...) claiming the scalp of libertarian philosopher Gavin McInness over an article he wrote where he claimed understanding with those confused and disturbed by transgenderism (I'd link to it, but those cowardly counts at ThoughtCatalog 25814-shit-freakoutremoved it. Real free speech warriors these progressive jizz bags are...). 

 I've said it before and I'll say it again... If the gays and lesbians are serious about gaining "mainstream acceptance" (though for the love of me, why a group with as long and storied a history they have ruling the culture from the underground would crave suburban plainness is simply beyond my comprehension...), they should ditch the trannies. People understand taste. Craving cock is no different than craving brown sugar. Who are we to judge taste? 

But telling me you are sad all the time and know in your heart that cutting off (or sewing up, depending on the direction) your genitals  will make you finally happy isn't sexual liberation... It's body mutilation brought about through indulged madness and just won't sell in middle America (hell, it barely sells on the Coasts!). Turning your prick inside out because you've always felt more like a Beverly makes you as much a woman as that sideshow freak who turned himself into an iguana is now a lizard. Sorry. 


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