Could Robot Waiters be the Key to the Robot Apocalypse???

113014-robots-apocalypseAnd here we thought that the robot apocalypse would be a violent one... But instead, it will ask if I want fries with my burger...

As the President and his cohorts rouse the rabble, crying out for higher minimum wages for low end workers, the food service industry presents yet another technological wonder to further make humans obsolete. 

Everyone, say hello to the Infintium-Serve. This is the little son of a bitch that will eventually cause riots, burn cities, and lead to the deaths of millions. 


Not because he is carrying a payload of weapons and a very loose understanding of rule enforcement... But because he will work for free. 

The drone is hyped as an autonomous flying robotic waiter, and a Singapore restaurant group is promising to have the robotic servants running out orders by the end of next year. 

The move to outfit five restaurants with these little quad bladed Devils is said to have run in the low seven figures, which if it works out as advertised, could easily return that investment in a few short years in labor savings and efficiency. 

Beware the Robot Invaders...

113014-robots-fireIf only we Americans were as worried about robots as we were about Mexicans... 

The threats are roughly the same... Take away gigs from Americans, drive down the wages of those lucky to still find employment in the low skilled sector. 

But the robot threat is a thousand times worse than that's send by the illegals could ever be... Especially being that it effects them every bit as much as it does the rest of us. 

We know for a fact that it isn't an if but a when with these droid invaders... Just look at what automation brought to the manufacturing sector. 

It will start slow, first eliminating the job of busboy and hostess. Then the Greasy spoons, like Denny's and Golden Coral will introduce them into their labor pool; either working the super late shift or limited to serving drinks. As the popularity of the android servants grows (and, more important, society's familiarity with the robots increases), we will see more and more of these robot servants bringing us our food; the unfortunate humans that once found livings as waiters suffering the fate of that damned buggy whip maker... Outmoded by the unyielding March of progress. 

Countdown to Extinction

113014-robots-evolutionThis is where the doomsday part of this story comes into play. This labor eliminations isn't the removal of an artisan here or an artisan there... It's the elimination of second oldest profession (the first being whoring)... Service. The robot waiters won't end in the fast food restaurants... They will go higher and higher end, if not completely eliminating the wait staff then at least trimming it sizably. It will also creep into other facets of the service industry, as one by one the robots steal away the menial "minimum wage" work the bottom portion of our economy depends on for their employment. 

No work usually means no food. No food typically brings about famine riots and all manner of civil unrest and foundation rotting cultural pestilence. The disparity between the haves and the have nots will form hard caste systems to be created; these desperate workers turning to near slavery to find some source of income generation. 

It will also cause tremendous administrative strain, an already overburdened public assistance program forced to take up legions of unemployed and working poor... It's a mess we wouldn't be able to tax our way out of, let alone spurn the sort of economic growth that it would require to find quality employment for this horde of desperate people (mainly because the sort of work usually spurred by economic growth- low end service- would just be filled by more tireless, unpaid, robo-servants. 

It will be at this point that the Illuminati- eager to put their plans for population control and selective elimination into action- will finally find enough reason to wipe the ledger clean of these dependence, unleashing some awful virus into the poverty slums that will gather on the outskirts of the major cities (these poverty slums will be the final refuge for the unemployable... Crime ridden, filthy hell pits crafted together haphazardly from the scraps of the functioning society just beyond their reach). 

Of course it won't end this way for everyone... Some will,be fortunate to hold on to their jobs, others to love along to new opportunities... 

But not all the little turtles will make it to the ocean... It is the way of Life on this war planet we call home... 


But do not doubt that this is the path before us... These merely the rambling of a pothead watching too much Doctor Who... There will be riots for bread and screams of famine from the poor... Women and children especially, as service is how most unskilled women (usually supporting a kid or two on her own) finds a living. Doubt it all you want, but mark my words... 

We foolishly assume that the robotic hands that will sew our demise come at us as a gripped fist when in actuality it will head ours in assistance. The whole of humanity will suffer for what we are doing... And there isn't a way to even begin to try and stop it. 


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