The Progressives are Missing the Point...

12914-garner-pjboyYou have to hand it to these modern day Progressives... They sure do know how to take an issue everyone could get behind and just rub crap all over it. 

I feel my Progressive friends might be missing the point on the whole Eric Garner thing... 

And it hurts me to see them just fumbling this, their first chance that this generation had to actually act like true Liberals, instead of sissified Modern versions of Brown shirts. But there they were all of last week, puffing their chests as they chanted "Can't Breathe" and "Hands Up", wrapping themselves in the narratives that best fit their world views as they took to the streets (a positive, if we are being honest... At least something stirred these group of slackers off the slacktivision and into action... Mindless, tantrum action, but hey... Baby steps to revolutions...). 

And it really is just an issue of narrative mad libs that has these guys all twisted in the wrong direction... 

A tale of two criminals


It was the impetus behind their call to the streets... The deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner both deemed by their respective Grand Juries as unworthy of its day in court. On their surface (at least as far as the media versions of these stories go), these are two parallel stories: unarmed black men guilty of nothing more than being black in America getting on the wrong side of confrontations with law enforcement, both incidents ending with their demise. 

But truthfully, the similarities really do end there... Both of these deaths happened at the hands of Law Enforcement. 

12914-garner-mbrownIn the Brown case, there's more than enough evidence to give pause. There's the call regarding the strong arming of the convenience store clerk that got the ball rolling, the attacking of Officer Wilson by the Gentle Giant (which in and of itself

would get you shot)... Anyway you slice it, decisions were made by the victim which limited the reactions of Law Enforcement. 

The same couldn't be said for Garner...

He was approached by Law Enforcement, not by anything he was doing to draw attention to himself but for a call 12914-garner-beforemade by a store owner claiming that he was hurting business (more on that in a bit). He was then confronted by a gaggle of officers. Now there is a jump in the video we all saw, the moments leading to the assault lost forever in the moment, but for the sake of argument we will assume they at least introduced themselves to the victim and let him know they were there for him. That's when the scrapping starts, with one of the cloven hoofed minion of the Mighty Metropolis draping himself across Garner's neck while three other cops struggled to get him down and cuff him. 

In both cases, the Grand Juries kicked it out. 

And while the Usual Suspects turned out to throw rocks and complain over the Brown decision, it seemed a bit more across the board when it came to the Garner story. 

And for good reason did we find hard right and hard left both taking umbrage with this odd result, or so we thought... 

But as the Left's Useful Idiots took to the streets decrying the loss of black life and other such standard, shallow thought knee jerk that let them tell their parents how much better they are as people; not handcuffed by the pull of unacknowledged bigotries, missing the point entirely. 

We just chant what we are told! We just chant what we are told! 

While the Progressives lamented bigotry and decried racism, the Right side of the argument found a different reason to be outraged...


It's true, many felt that the officer himself needn't face criminal charges (as, while tragic, given his orders the steps were taken within reason, thus excising him of any criminal repercussions for his inadvertent actions). But they still saw a criminal in this poor man's demise.... The system itself. 

They didn't see a black man taken because overzealous officers felt the need to kill them a nigger... They saw an American citizen pushed to the point of irrational frustration (the only kind that would force a 31 time participant of the arrest process, which any criminal worth his salt knows is best to just go along with once caught) by the law enforcement branch of the Government coming to break his balls yet again for selling cigarettes. 

Not robbery. Not rape. Not murder. Not even threatening any of those things. 

He was standing there, handing out a smoke or two and getting a buck back for his trouble. 

An action just shy of panhandling, if we are being honest...

Except panhandling doesn't cut into the tax revenue of the city. 

12914-garner-hipstersWe've all heard the horror stories from New York smokers... How the packs are roughly fifteen bucks a shot and it's near impossible to smoke there and rarely any stores sell the overpriced commodity. 

And they are all true. 

Smokers are treated worse than drug users. 

Yet the city depends on that tax money. 

And if you know anything about the Government, you know they want their tax money. 

They want it more than anything else. 

12914-garner-big_brotherSo under Bloomberg (and continued under the new mayor), stopping these "Black Market Cigarettes" and thus ending this circumvention of their much needed Sin Taxes. So the cops were forced to deal with Garner same as they would any other targeted fellow, their Boss demanding examples and fear to stem the tide of contraband that their very own restrictive tax implementations birthed. 

Ergo, Big Government and Nanny State policies directly lead to the death of Eric Garner. 

Not racism. 

Not Police Brutality (mainly because given the parameters of the charge: did the cop overstep his charge in the death of this man. While it seems heavy handed because the man was just standing around slinging smokes, we must remember, in New York its a felony). 

Big stupid Government and their all encompassing regulations that have a reported 70% of us living as potential jail time serving criminals (all be it unbeknownst to us). Had it not been a huge issue to sling a smoke for a buck, the most the cop would have done was politely asked him to move along, as loitering isn't more than a low grade ticketing offense used more as a reason to go say hi than it is worthy of going through the effort of arresting someone. 

And that's what this Eric Garner thing is all about Charlie Brown... 

Too much government thinking they have too much say in how we live our lives. 

Everything else is just white noise intended to distract us from our true enemies. 



And sadly, with those idiots, it working.... 


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