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No one is saying we need to put an end to immigration (as, again, if operated properly, I can see use for the H1-B visa, for example), nor that there are not tremendous benefits from mixing up the blood from time to time. That an the stuff that keeps you healthy... Gets the genes all swirled around. Keeps us from looking like those awful Europeans... A whole continent of people who genetically boiled themselves down to four types of faces (and all of them with a short shelf life before cracking and collapsing into wrinkled scowls) . 

But, as the recent events in Europe concerning the flood of Syrian migrants have shown us, these are things you want to keep under control. We are having a hard enough time keeping the lights on with our current obligations, and -given the way technology is so rapidly transforming our concepts of "work"- it might be best if we kept the number of low skill, "menial labor" types as manageable as possible for once this whole thing goes tits up (as once it all goes blewie, they all will turn to Uncle Sam for a little guac to help them peice it through). 

And it will go tits up, inevitably... There seems to be no righting the Nation's economy as of yet, nor does the long term jobless number (again, 94 million people) seem to be getting smaller. We saw with Greece last summer what happens once you get more weight on the bottom than the top can carry. I know charmers like Bernie Sanders and Barry the Feckless would tell you otherwise, convinced that really rich people have magic hats and bags that provide them limitless funds capable of being taxed as highly as the need demands. But it's not so, money runs out. It always does...

There is certainly no justification for the continued permissive attitude towards illegal immigration. It's economically destabilizing, and as a national security measure (given we have bunches of terrorist gangs all to eager to find a way to attack us again without our knowing they're here) it's reckless to continue acting as though it's OK to let people come across Willie Nillie (or perhaps at all, as every single one of the 9/11 hijackers was here legally...). 


[For more information about Donald Trump's Immigration Policy, click the link and give it a read before you dismiss it as mindless drivel from a blowhard. The more you know...]


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