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Lady Liberty is a Green Skinned Liar


We can all thank Donald Trump for shifting the dialogue, getting out in front of cameras to announce his candidacy on a few simple pillars... The largest being immigration. 

92215-immigration-trumpHe decried the system as broken, noting the endless stream of illegal immigrants flowing over the souther border might not be composed of the finest of individuals. And while we can argue as to the hearts and intentions of those poor bastards seemingly guilty of nothing more than wanting something better for themselves and their families, what is inarguable seems to be the short end of the stick the American people end up holding at the end of the bargain. 


But to end the discussion at stamping out the flow of illegals misses the larger point over all. America has a real issue will immigration, and we really need to address it... Especially if you have any intention of making middle class wages for what used to be considered middle class work. (We're already seeing these effects in manufacturing- the majority of those jobs shipped off to foreign lands- and with construction- domestic tradesmen having to bid against crews populated with illegals willing to work for dimes on the dollar). 

Here's an uncomfortable fact: 94 million Americans are currently not working. It's a big number, ain't it... Roughly one third of the American population... Nearly 40% (37.6% to be exact) of our available labor force sitting stagnant collecting a check from Uncle Sugar. That's an unsustainable problem we have... Almost half the country not working. 

And yet we are being told, for some reason, by these elected representatives of ours that these immigrants - legal or otherwise- are here to do jobs Americans won't do. 

Again, we have 94 million not working. 

They say that those jobs are too low wage and that Americans have "refined" themselves away from such labor, this forcing us to need this "slave" class (forced to live in less than neighborhoods, collecting a pittance of what Americans would receive for similar work...). 

These same people will also remind you that these illegals- the gifts of love that they are- only really hurt the uneducated worker... The high school drop outs and low end of society (a number of which make up the African American and lower class white community). 

And they are right... 

92215-immigration-signIllegal immigration drives down the wages of low skilled workers, as well as sucks up the available jobs for those same workers. A study for the Center for Immigration Studies found that the presence of illegal immigrants to the job market from the years 1979-2007 lowered the expected wages of non-high school graduate males 22% and effected the wages of high school graduates to the tune of 10%. The same study found that in a sample from the years 2000-2007, there was a 6% decline in available work for those same non high school graduates. 

Less work overall and less money for those lucky enough to land work. Sounds like a winning strategy, no? Especially with (again) some 94 MILLION Americans currently checked out of the job market entirely. 

And it gets worse...

Ever notice how we are starting to have less and less low skill jobs? We shipped our manufacturing over seas years ago, forever the staple of the blue collar employment field that birthed he American middle class (this is why you go to McDonalds now and see forty and fifty year olds working there for $8.25/hour bitching that burger flipping don't pay a livable wage). We are now replacing our cashiers and tellers with iPads and self checkout; peeling off job after job as technology slowly conquers us (now going after jobs traditionally don by low education women). Pretty soon, we won't have too much work for low end labor; robots and machines doing for a small one time investment what once cost several dollars per hour (plus bennies, if you felt like hiring domestic). How will we find jobs for all these people (or worse, the funds to keep them firmly on the dole) with less Americans paying into the system? 


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