The World to end because Greenland is melting...


Statue of Liberty underwaterAnother week, another prediction on exactly what is going to the world.

The northeastern coast of the United States would be in jeopardy later on this century should Greenland's ice sheets continue to melt at the rate that they are currently melting at.  Aixie Hue, a researcher at the  National Center for Atmospheric Research, claims that should Greenland's ice continue to melt at the rate that it does (due, of course to the drastic changes in the global climate), the runoff could raise the sea level of the Northern Atlantic Ocean somewhere between 12-24 inches.

In an article he wrote for the Geophysical Research Letters, Hue stated "If the Greenland melt continues to accelerate, we could see significant impacts this century on the northeast U.S. coast from the resulting sea level rise.  Major northeastern cities are directly in the path of the greatest rise."

Scary huh? 

While this does seem to be a "Worst Case Scenario", as similar Apocalyptic studies have made claims to the run off of the Greenland ice sheets to have an impact of no more than eight inches to the sea level, a significant number which poses its own issues to be sure but would not be as dangerous to the Eastern coast of the United States.    Diffrences in the ice sheets in Greenland from 1992-2002But be it worst case or not, the fact is that ice in Greenland is melting at a faster pace recently due to global climate change, having increased 7% since 1996.

While the cause of the changes in the global temperature can be debated 'til the cows come home, the fact that the climate of the world is changing cannot be denied to either side of the argument.  Be it part of a planetary cycle, God's plan, or the result of centuries of abuse by its ungrateful passengers; the change of the world's climate will have negative effects on all the creatures living on it.  Even if the sea levels do not rise to the point that flood out the East Coast of America, the added fresh water might screw with the balance on the oceans.  Maybe it will kill all the fish.  Maybe it will lower the temperature of the water, drastically changing weather patterns and producing unseasonable storms.  Maybe it does become a monstrous flash flood of New York and Boston, killing millions and devastating our nation...

And maybe monkeys might fly out of my butt.


Flash floods hit New York!!!!!When it comes to these Apocalyptic stories, I am never shocked to discover that while they admit the chances of whatever living nightmare they are predicting are slim to none, the authors demand that the whole world stop on the dime and flat change to whatever insane idea they have to change the way things are as if it would do a hill of beans good to handcuff ourselves while things fall apart around us.

Let's be realistic.  If this is true, and the ice sheets are melting at breakneck speed and within fifty years or so the ocean levels will rise and cities will flood and the world as we all have it understood will come to an end birthing a new world dictated strictly by the Darwinian principles of survival of the fittest, then nothing we do... not Cap and Trade, not a fleet of Priuses, not the capping of every Saudi oil well... is going to change it.  Are we so arrogant that we think we would have the ability to change a direction the World has decided to take us to by changing the kind of cars that we drive?  It would be like head lice trying to stop you from crashing into a wall.It's Obama the Carpathian!!!!

Conservation for the sake of conservation is not a bad idea.  We should be good stewards of our world and do what we can to make sure that the world we pass on to our children and grandchildren is every bit as green and wonderful as we found it when we first arrived.  But to burden free people with impossible taxes and regulations for the sake of saving the Planet from its inhabitants is insane.

Besides...  Obama said he would lower the seas level is he won anyways...  Melting ice in Greenland is like the swatting of flies for Obama...


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