Mohawks seize Canadian bridge...


Mr. Peabody and his boy, Sherman.Did Mr. Peabody fire up the way back machine without letting anybody know?

Headlines from yesterday are relevant today as Mohawk Indians seize Canadian bridge.

June 1st, the Canadian government began issuing firearms to its border guards, including the ones working the station on the Massena-Cornwall Bridge, which is in Indian Territory).  The move to arm the guards has the Mohawks on the warpath, so to speak, and at midnight last night began beating the war drums.

Canadian officials turned over control of their building on Cornwall Island to the Akwesasne Police (a department which works for the Mohawk Nation).  The tribe then surrounded the building with 200 teepees.  mohawk flagsThe militant Mohawk group, Warriors Society, also came swinging their tomahawks but promised that they would get take no scalps (yet anyways...), as they (and the rest of the Mohawk nation for that matter) would rather prefer a peaceful solution to the armed guard issue (as well as other issues the Mohawk nation has had with the Canadian government for quite some time now).

The Americans, doing their part to help out their neighbors to the North, have began diverting traffic away from the stand off as well as offering to send the Mohawks some special blankets.


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