German Army is Marshmellow soft...


german_armyCan someone please explain why exactly this is a bad thing?

According to the German Army's Chief Inspector, the German army is "soft, irresponsible, undisciplined, and have no desire to serve the Fatherland".

generalinspeekteur_wolfgangIn a meeting with the German Parliament, General Wolfgang Schneiderhahn called complaints made by members of the German infantry (most recently about thier uncomfortable sleeping bags during a brief stay in the Congo region) an embarrassment. 

And of course, in order to try and change the humiliating attitude of the German military, the good General has got himself a doozie of an idea.  See, he wants to remind his soldiers of his once mighty military machine (and the rest of the German people for that matter) of the great military history of Germany in order to instill "a better feeling for discipline and to show a greater readiness to serve the state".

Because what the world really needs these days is a German military with a fire under its ass.

What could possibly go wrong...



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