Marijuana may mutate you...


jointHere's one for that lady on Digg who decided to call The Weekly Constitutional "propagandists for Satan" in regards to our marijuana coverage.

Researchers at the University of Leicester (which I learned today is somewhere in Britain) is claiming that marijuana not only gives you an increased risk for cancer, but also may mutate the user on a genetic level.

In a study published in the journal Chemical Research in Toxicology claims that they [the researchers] have found convincing evidence linking marijuana smoke to DNA damage as well as a potential increase in the risk of cancer development.

two_joints"There have been many studies on the toxicity of tobacco smoke. It is known that tobacco smoke contains 4000 chemicals of which 60 are classed as carcinogens. Cannabis in contrast has not been so well studied. It is less combustible than tobacco and is often mixed with tobacco in use. Cannabis smoke contains 400 compounds including 60 cannabinoids. However, because of its lower combustibility it contains 50% more carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons including naphthalene, benzanthracene, and benzopyrene, than tobacco smoke," states Rajinder Singh, a researcher on the study.

In the study, scientists (which were from the Cancer Biomarkers and Prevention Group, Department of Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine and Karolinska Institute, Sweden) claim that there is a clear indication that marijuana smoke damages DNA.

"It is well known that toxic substances in tobacco smoke can damage DNA and increase the risk of lung and other cancers. Scientists were unsure though whether cannabis smoke would have the same effect. Our research has focused on the toxicity of acetaldehyde, which is present in both tobacco and cannabis... The smoking of 3-4 cannabis cigarettes a day is associated with the same degree of damage to bronchial mucus membranes as 20 or more tobacco cigarettes a day... "These results provide evidence for the DNA damaging potential of cannabis smoke, implying that the consumption of cannabis cigarettes may be detrimental to human health with the possibility to initiate cancer development."

smokin' the reefer...Well duh... any smoker worth his salt is well aware of the harshness of even the kindest bud when coming out of a joint (or blunt for that matter).  Which is why for day to day smoking a water pipe or vaporizer is used.  These must be the same scientists who told us last week that it is the sun that is making our planet warmer.


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