Latin America under seige from Drug Cartels!!!!!

A UN backed commission has reported to the Global Body that Latin America needs the rest of the world to help them in combating the Mexican and Colombian drug cartels that are just screwing the pooch up and down Central and South America.  Apparently these cartels are just tear-assing around Latin America, taking over towns, buying out authorities, enslaving the citizens, and just straight fucking the innocent people living within those borders.



Now, in their report they admit that the problem is less one of force and more an ability to combat these problems with the legal system.  Corruption, fear, and apathy seem to be the problem... much less than being outgunned by the drug cartels that they are fighting. 

What is shocking to me is that at no point in this conversation does the fact that there would be no problems with these clowns if drugs were legalized.  I mean, it is not like booze was not at one time sold by armed criminals and is now sold by the case at the local Gas N' Dash zit faced seventeen year old Babylon 5 fan.  Not saying we go hog wild and start selling vials of crack at the local 7-11, but as the governments of the west are more and more being drained of their funds due to slow and diminished  tax returns it seems impractical to continue dumping billions into a war that for all practical purposes we have lost.

And being that these products seem to all be coming from the same region of the world, it would also be safe to say that these nations might benefit by being able to tax and trade their biggest cash crops.  I mean hell, California is seriously thinking about adopting a similar policy in regards to marijuana.   Let's hope that being broke helps the mind get back to practical.


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