FBI interviews with Saddam Hussein released...

Saddam HusseinRecently declassified summaries of FBI interviews with now deceased Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein paint a slightly different picture of the once feared world leader.

The interviews took place over several formal and informal meetings between FBI interviewer George Piro and the former Iraqi leader during the year 2004.  These interviews covered a multitude of topics ranging from his rise to power to his relationship with terror group Al Qaeda.

In the interview, published in The Washington Post, Hussein claims that he was in fact bluffing about the weapons of mass destruction, due to his fear of invasion from his fanatical neighbors, Iran.  Osama Bin LadenHe also claimed that he harbored no love for Al Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden, referring to the terror warlord as a religious zealot.  Hussein also claimed that Iraq was never an enemy of the United States, but rather a friend who disagreed with many of the policies of the United States.

Some of the other fine points of the interview are:

- Hussein admitted that he should have allowed the United Nations Weapons Inspectors to witness the destruction of his weapon stockpiles after losing in 1991's Gulf War.

- Hussein and Osama Bin Laden did not share "the same belief and vision".  Hussein claimed that he felt that religion and government should not mix.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad- Saddam constantly echoed his fear of Iran, and of what Iran might do to Iraq if they had knew that Saddam actually did not have any weapons of mass destruction.  He was in fact so paranoid of the Iranians that he claimed he would have been willing to have entered into a secret agreement with the American government if it would have insured that his nation (and himself I imagine) would be safe from any and all Iranian aggression.

saddam_hangedAfter the 2004 interviews, the American government turned over the overthrown Iraqi president to the people of Iraq, who went on to convict him of crimes against the Iraqi people and had him hung in December of 2006.

Soooooo.... are you guys saying we invaded the wrong country and that we should have been taking over Iran this whole time?????


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