Boxer wants the UN to tell you how to parent!!!

Stupid Ass Boxer Isn't Hot For A TrannyBarbara Boxer is urging the Obama administration to ratify a United Nations measure intended to expand the rights of children.  Now before you go scratching your head trying to figure out exactly just what this granola eating freak is talking about, let me try and explain what she is talking about.


The measure that she is talking about is the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child, a UN provision intended to define basic rights of children in a society.  The provision states that the "right of a child to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion" should be protected at all costs and that any "arbitrary or unlawful interference with his/her privacy" should be done away with.  Opponents of the measure claim that the measure not only takes a huge bite out of American sovereignty, but also interferes with American families and their ability to raise their children in whatever manner that they see fit.

The US is already part of two different UN provisions, one standing against child soldiers and one standing against child prostitution and pornography.  But this proposal, which Bill Clinton signed at the end of his term but was never voted on by the Congress, has little if any public support and has lawyers asking if the treaty would supersede federal and state laws.

Trying to sell us on allowing the United Nations to tell us how to raise our kids, Barbara Boxer said this:

"Children deserve basic humyn rights... and the Convention protects children's rights by setting some standards here so that the most vulnerable people of the society will be protected."

She then went on to try and shame us into letting this totalitarian move by letting us know that the United States and Somalia are the only nations in the world who have not signed on to this.  She continued, by implying that the US's failure to ratify the rule has resulted in the abuses of children all over the world (not the tyrants and monsters who actually did the abuses afore referenced).

There is nothing about this that sounds good.  Freedom of thought, conscience, and religion?  You realize that if this actually got ratified by the nation, a parent forcing their child to go to church would be guilty of some twisted definition of child abuse?  Now while I find Mass to be boring and kind of a waste of time, it is hardly abuse.  I took some of the finest naps of my childhood in the back of the church my parents forced me to every bloody Sunday until I moved out.  And what is this right to privacy bullshit?  I, much like every other parent in the world, has no problems at all going through his children's stuff.  It isn't an invasion of privacy... it is fucking parenting.  How else are you going to find out if your kids are up to no good?  Water boarding?

While I do not think that this thing will end up passing, sadly it might be closer than one would hope.  We as a people seem very willing to bend over into whatever position is necessary if it is for the kids, and, if not explained properly, it is not too far out of the realm of thought to think that the idiot soccer moms of the suburbs, already drugging their children into submission, would support this blindly.

At some point, we as a people have to get past this notion that children are these fragile little things who need to be nurtured and catered to.  They are fucking kids.  We all were once upon a time.  Dirt eating, rock throwing, sticky faced kids.  And despite the self described neurosis we claim sprung from   the scars left on our souls by our Neanderthal archaic parents, we turned out fine.

And as far as all this horseshit Rep. Boxer is churning out, begging lawmakers to insure the basic humyn rights of children in America... will someone please remind her that as of now, we still have the Constitution as the basis of our government which guarantees the basic civil rights of all Americans... even little ones... to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  And that is more than any other nation does.


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