Military thinking about banning tobacco...

Soldier lighting up...There might be something to be said about letting too many Liberals into power and the unintended consequences that tend to follow.

Last week the Pentagon announced that they are going to be looking into banning tobacco use in the military.

This move, of course, makes perfect sense... to no one.  We send these men out into some of the most stressful situations that a person can imagine and then take away the product that those men use to take the edge off?

Tobacco military themed ad...What next?

We gonna ban shore leave?


There has been smoking in combat since there has been combat and something to smoke after.  The idea that these spineless Nanny Staters has the balls to tell the brave men and women who enlist to Another military themed tobacco ad...protect this great land of ours not to smoke a fucking cigarette is insane!

Not to mention chilling...

The idea that they are trying this out on the military should be a clear signal to the rest of us that once they (and they being the Nanny Staters in the Federal Government) get a hold of the health care industry, they intend to do similar things to us.  No smoking.  No fast food.  No nothing that may be in any way not good for you.

A nice, safe, sanitary life.

nannyI hope all you Nanny State wanting sons of bitches are happy...

(And just so you know: chocolate bonbons and the rest of your precious comfort foods would all be considered bad for you and thus subject to federal restriction.)


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