Government worried a majority of Americans sleeping on Swine Flu...


swine-flu-image-1Thank freaking God...

Just when you thought that the nation had been taken over by a bunch of screaming Nancies, a tale about our nation developing some reason and backbone.  Turns out most Americans could care less about the Swine Flu that is threatening to wipe out all humanity.

According to an ABC/Washington Post Poll on the matter, a whopping 60%of us either were "not too" or "not at all" concerned about the looming threat of a revitalized (and possibly) version of Swine Flu.

You remember Swine Flu, the global pandemic that earlier this year felted a handful of people in the United States? 

Well, apparently the Federal Government is really worried about it coming back with a snout nosed vengeance... and even more worried that a majority of Americans seem rather apathetic over the whole matter.

surgical-mask-kissLast week he World Health Organization warned the Governments of the world to make ready for the return of Swine Flu, as well as tobe ready to dispose of the infected corpses of those who did not rue the flu.  Earlier this week, members of the American Center for Disiese Control began to prepare employers for a rash of workers playing hookie - Err, calling in sick- due to Swine Flu.  And that is just the start.

With schools and colleges all beginning to begin again, warnings of the coming end are gaining more attention as recommendations as rational as coughing into a shirt sleave to the insanity of recommending that college students wear surgical masks rting to pop up are starting to pop up all over this great nation of ours...

And to much my delight, these cryptic warnings coming from many varied Government officials being met with sarcastic eye rolls and snickers from an American public seemingly unfettered by it all.  That same poll has only one in every eight Americans seem to be very concerned about the whole Swine Flu thing.

God bless America!



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