Marijuana cures cancer!!!!


hippies For years, the world has had a few good chuckles at the expense of the well meaning hippie types who make it their life's work to "Free the Weed".  Long haired and maggot infested, their view of marijuana as a universal healing drug sent to us from the Gods only to be denied to us by evil men whose rabid pursuit of power and control seems insatiable has been a punch line.  Sure marijuana has had tremendous success in getting fat guys laid and jam band concerts tolerable.  But as far as its medicinal use, there has always been a few shaky eyes wondering why there are so many people in California suffering from insomnia and sore backs.  But all that's going to change now that marijuana cures cancer.

That's right... you read that sentence correctly.  Scientists at the Complutense University of Madrid have recently produced evidence proving that cannabinoids (such as 9-tetrahydrocannabinol [also known as THC]) can trigger cancer cell destruction in humans.  It is their belief that this will lead to new treatments for inoperable tumors and maybe an eventual treatment for all cancers.

mice being given THC...According to the study, when introduced to various forms of brain cancer cell THC caused them to self destruct due to a process called autophagy, where a cell kills itself.  In the study human brain tumor tissue was implanted into mice were then given THC.  The researchers found that the THC had not only made the tumors smaller, but had caused this process of autophagy to begin- thus killing the tumor (in theory).

Now before we all start doing mule kicks and fist pumps, let's remember that this is in the early stages of discovery.  There is still a long ways to go before anyone can say for sure that this theory works every time.  But the idea that marijuana might not just be the most fun you can have with your pants on, but might actually be able to save your life (from cancer) is pretty fucking exciting. 

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