Massachusetts first to free the weed???


americanbudIf I had a million dollars to wager on which state would be the first in the nation to legalize marijuana I would have put every single cent on California... maybe parley it with a small amount on Colorado just to keep it all even.  But on October 14th the state of Massachusetts is fixing to take the first real attempt by an East Coast state (or any state for that matter) at freeing the weed.

Bill H. 2929, "an act to regulate and tax the cannabis industry", will, if passed, replace prohibition on a state level with a system of taxation and regulation on the marijuana.  This will be the first t bill ever presented to any state legislature in the United States that intends to completely legalize and tax marijuana. 

NORML's Keith StroupThe Bill opens with the line:

"The governor and the representatives of the people of Massachusetts, acknowledging that previous efforts have not succeeded in eliminating or curtailing marijuana use and abuse; determined to exercise some measure of control over the use of cannabis consistent with respect for individual freedom and responsibility,"

Which I assume is a nice way off tipping the cap to the State's marijuana enthusiasts; a legal "If you can't beat 'em, tax 'em" so to speak.  In the video below (provided by you get to watch the Massachusetts' Joint Revenue Committee and Keith Stroup of NORML having a logical and intelligent discussion about marijuana legalization and what exactly it would mean to the state.

Say what you will folks... Times they are a-changin'...

freetheweedEarlier this year, marijuana (up to an ounce) was "decriminalized" (non-arrestable ticketed offence) in the state of Massachusetts.  Now, having seen in the past year that all Hell did not break lose in loosening marijuana restrictions, the State is looking to start collecting on some of that black market revenue that they are missing out on taxing because of antiquated and (according to the video) racist laws from a little over a hundred years ago barring them from doing so.

And Massachusetts will not be the last.  It will just take that first one to do it... that first brave state to realize that the world  will not end should they legalize and tax marijuana... in order for the rest of the states to fall into line and begin eliminating insane Federal restrictions on the continued prohibition of marijuana (or at the very least, allow the states to vote on it on a state by state level, allowing the different states to decide whether or not they want to be a green state [ha-ha get it???] or not...).  It is a win/win for everyone and it is starting to show itself as such.

So be brave, true believers...

The day will come when marijuana enthusiasts will be able to proudly buy a sack free of police harassment and archaic social stigma.... Where the sick will get the medicine they need and desire... where once again, America will truly be the Land of the Free"...

Free at last, free at last...



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