Feds loosening stance on Medical Maijuana


Marijuana dispensaryAfter eight years of the Bush administration shitting all over State's rights in regards to the legal usage of marijuana for medicinal purposes, the Obama administration has formally vowed to no longer arrest and prosecute medical marijuana users and their dispensaries so long as they are in compliance with the laws of their home state.  In a reversal of Bush administration policy, a memo from the White House was issued to the federal prosecutors of the fourteen states currently allowing marijuana to be used medicinally as well as to the FBI and DEA detailing the new federal stance.

medical_marijuana_dea_raid6This memo reportedly tells Federal Law Enforcement will be told that it would not be a good expenditure of resources to pursue the users and dispensaries of medicinal marijuana in states where it is allowed.  Of course,, it followed up that statement by reminding us that marijuana is still illegal and that those of us who try and "self medicate" or businesses who are using the selling of medicinal marijuana as a front for other illegal activity will still draw the ire of the long arm of the Federal law (but it is obvious that it is little more than the Fed standing in its driveway at night angrily shaking it's fist as the bag full of dog shit slowly burns on its porch).

For marijuana enthusiasts and supporters of legalization in the good ol' US of A, this is good news- the marijuana-smoke-usatx-largesoftening of the dialogue and rising cultural acceptance are boding well for the outlawed cannabis plant to become legalized for medicinal use in more states that were using fear of Federal involvement as the brake on the marijuana movement.  This also gives states like California and Massachusetts, looking to end Federal prohibition within their state boarders, the prospect of limited Federal involvement in their new found industries. 

On Oct. 7th, the Washington Post claimed that the coming medicinal marijuana market (and of course, total legalization) is already threatening "the bottom line for powerful Mexican drug organizations in a way that decades of arrests and seizures have not."  More and more Americans are changing their views on cannabis legalization (and taxation), and more and more state and national legislators are willing to discuss the matters of medicinally legalizing to outright legalization and taxation marijuana in a serious and frank manner. 

american-pot-flagTo be blunt (no pun intended), we are winning.

Maybe 2010 will be the year that finally an American can finally spark up a joint free from oppression...  And sick people will not be denied the medicine needed to comfort them without the lingering threat of jackbooted Federal thugs kicking in their doors.

Makes you wanna stand up and say the Pledge of Allegiance, don't it?????


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