Obama has a symbol of stimulus


Obama signing something while Bidon tries to look useful...Who says Obama isn't trying to inspire confidence in the American people...

One would think with all the whispers and growing uneasiness about the Government's almost daily advancement into owning portions of business (thus nationalizing them and putting them in controls of the means of production..., the Government would have had more tact than to do something as spooky as this. 


In order to make sure that the American people cling to the false hope that Obama's gamble of our grandchildren's wealth is not just being wasted in a futile attempt to stimulate the economy; the Obama administration today released what they are calling "The symbol of stimulus". 

Obama's Stimulus Symbol.The symbol- a circle that within it has a plant, a gear, a red medical cross, and stars within it- is going to start popping up from sea to shining sea on whatever road building or bridge fixing project the federal government is going to hang the hopes of getting the economic engine to turn.  A White House press release on the symbol states:

"[The emblem] is a symbol of President Obama's commitment to the American people to invest their tax dollars wisely to put Americans back to work."

With Barrack about to make it rain on the state with the billions he has allocated for repairs of roads and bridges, as well as refurbishing and "greening up" federal and state buildings, it is a stone cold lock that this symbol will be on every street in the nation, thus making the littles out there believe that their Daddy Warbuck's in Washington cares for them.  It takes all kinds I guess... but this is what they voted for.  I mean, after all, a government plastering symbols everywhere...

...to make sure that their people feel that they are everywhere...


...and everything to the people...


...is change we can believe in.

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