Marijuana Legalization to be on 2010 ballot in California!!!


How's this for a Christmas miracle????

The 2010 ballot in California will finally bring the issue of marijuana legalization to the people.

Richard Lee, founder of the Oaksterdam University and owner of several medicinal marijuana dispensaries in the Northern California area, is oakspresclaiming that he has well over the 433, 971 signatures necessary to bring the matter to a public vote (Lee claims that he has over 700,000 signatures).  Once the signatures are verified, the initiative will be placed on the November 2010 ballot for a vote on the matter by the people.

Lee claims that he is confident that the measure will pass, citing a recent survey which found that 56% of Californians favor marijuana legalization and taxation. 

weedIn 1996, Prop 215- which allowed for the legal usage of marijuana for medicinal purposes- was passed in a similar manner.

For more information on this initiative, including a transcript of the proposal, as well as finding out ways to help out/donate to the movement please surf on over to


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