Obama signals he is Ok with taxing health care benefits!!!!


healthcareOh, what a difference 55 days makes!!!

When President Obama was "Candidate Obama", he had denounced taxing the health benefits of Americans.  He went as far as to crucify his opponent, Sen. John McCain, in a few of his approved ads, calling McCain's plan to tax the health benefits of working Americans and reckless and damaging to the American people and thier economy.

But that was then, and as with all politicians, what thee say when they are running for the job does not mean a damn thing once they take office.


Obama shuckin' and jivin'With a very expensive bailout plan already in effect (and a second stimulus bill already being talked about), President Obama is finding the money to do some of his more grand social reconstruction projects a little tough to come by.  How would he ever find the money to pay for his costly social programs (such as universal health coverage)?

Paying for a program to provide low cost health care for the millions of people in America who cannot afford it was turning out to be harder than it looked, what with the government spending trillions to bail out an insolvent financial system.  But then the idea hit him.  Why not tax the health benefits of the millions more Americans who currently have health benefits provided by thier employer to pay for the benefits of those who do not have it.  He could then use the revenue generated by this action to cover the costs of his Universal Health Coverage!

But how will Obama get away with taxing something he, only a few scant months ago deemed dangerous and hurtful to the American people?

By not bringing it up...

The White House is signaling that while it is not going to publicly endorse any measure to tax the health benefits of Americans to pay for his Universal Health Care plan, it would not be too upset if Congress were to propose that in the Bill for the project. 

Conspiracy theorists would bellow that this move would all but guarantee the death of private health care coverage for the middle class, pushing an overly taxed group of people to accept government coverage as opposed to being crushed by the heavy thumb of Washington taxation.  And this time, these wackadoos might be right.  Middle class dependence would be the only way to guarantee the life of the system, and cement the Socialist lean being made by the Obama administration.


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