European Union Rejects Geithner's ideas to "Spread the Wealth".


Flags of the European UnionHow is this for a wacky twist of fate?

With the Global economy teetering on the brink of doom, the US is asking for its European allies to increase thier domestic spending as well as asking the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to help out the crumbling Eastern European governments being hardest hit by the global recession.  The wacky part isn't that the Americans made the request; not with Obama's favoring of massive government spending programs to stimulate the economy.  Nay, the funny part is that those wacky European socialists told him to get bent.


Lil' Timmy "Kitten has Claws" GeithnerEuropean nations seem to be put off by US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's calls to have the European governments unleash new rounds of stimulus spending (much like he is also going to be asking for in the next few weeks here in ol' US of A) as well as having the IMF free up a half of a trillion dollars to help out the poorer Eastern European nations.

Boy, does this guy like to throw money around...

Many of the European nations do not want to take on the multi-generation killing debt that America is so willingly assuming to try and get out of this economic downturn.  Some nations are going so far as to claim that Geithner is in fact incompetent and that the American demands to spend more money is nothing more than an effort to divert a European movement intent on overhauling the economic systems in Europe (which includes many social rules attempting to even out the uneven financial playing fields) similar to the ones which many European leaders and economists believe caused the American collapse in banking and investment in the stock market.

I don't know about you folks, but personally I am starting to worry just a bit.


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