Mt. Redoubt erupts!!!

volcano eruptingWhat would the end of the world be like if there weren't volcanoes going off?

Alaska gets the wrath of God treatment as Mount Redoubt, which The Weekly Constitutional has learned in Inuit for "Peter North", finally erupted.  The volcano, which has been threatening to pop its top for weeks now, finally displayed all the fury that nature had to offer erupting five times over night on Sunday.  The last time Redoubt blew its load was during 1989-90, when for four months the stone tower burped up tons of ash and rock.

Painting of the final days of PompeiiWho knows how long the 10,000 foot volcano will go this time, but with it being about one hundred miles away from Anchorage (the only city of note in Alaska), there is little chance of a Pompeii style story coming out of this (which is a nice way of saying that this might be the last time we talk about this ever).  But that does not mean it is going to be an easy haul for the good people of Alaska.

Forty to fifty earthquakes were felt on Sunday, and the sky was filled with Alaskan volcanic ash (an ash noted for being particularly jagged and commonly used as an industrial abrasive) and sulfuric smoke.  The ash can cause injuries to the skin, eyes, and breathing passages, making a life already not going well (I mean after all, you live in Alaska...) just a little bit more like Hell.  Redoubt starting to popAnd with the volcano already erupting six times, shooting countless tons of soot and ash into the Alaskan air could mean foreseeable suffering for the people of Alaska.

But don't worry about them none...

They are just happy that there is SOMETHING going on.


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