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t1larg.outlawsFederal agents cracked down on the American Outlaws Association Motorcycle Gang.  In a raid that spanned seven states, over two dozen leaders and members of the biker gang network were arrested.  one biker was killed in a shoot out with authorities trying to serve an arrest warrent.

A federal grand jury in Virginia has indicted 27 members of the gang on charges that included attempted murder, kidnapping and assault, according to court documents unsealed Tuesday. Outlaws National President Jack Rosga and 26 others are named in a 12-count indictment that also lists robbery, extortion, witness intimidation, drug dealing, illegal gambling and weapons violations.

3186_outlaw_bikers_hells_angels-4_04700300One member of the motorcycle gang was killed in a shootout in Old Orchard, Maine, as authorities tried to execute an arrest warrant relating to the indictment, said Mike Campbell, spokesman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Campbell said members of an ATF Special Response Team pulled up to a house in Old Orchard to arrest Thomas Mayne and Kenneth Chretien when shots were fired at them from the house. ATF agents returned fire, killing one person, Campbell said.

 "Today's arrests of the national president and leadership of the American Outlaws Association mark another aggressive attempt by the Department of Justice to dismantle what the indictment alleges to be a gang whose entire environment revolves around violence," U.S. Attorney Neil MacBride said in a statement.

Arrests were made in Wisconsin, Maine, Montana, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina and Virginia. As many as 50 Outlaws were initially targeted in the raids, officials said.

The acts of violence and conspiracy charges are related to the Outlaws' efforts to gain territory from rival motorcycle gangs, most notably the Hells Angels.

According to the Justice Department, the Outlaws have more than 1,700 members, who belong to 176 chapters in the United States and 12 foreign countries. The Outlaws are involved in the production, transportation and distribution of methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana, according to the department.


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