Seattle cop punches woman...

little-cop-punch-chickVideo has surfaced of a Seattle police officer punching out a woman who was trying to interfere with an arrest on Monday June 14.

According to the Seattle Police department website:

"...While interacting with the 18-year-old male pedestrian, the officer observed four female pedestrians j-walk at the same location that the male pedestrian just had. The officer instructed the females to step over to his vehicle. They were verbally antagonistic toward the officer. One female subject turned and began to walk away. The officer again instructed her to step over to his car. She continued to walk away and appeared to raise her hand in a dismissive gesture. The officer contacted the female subject and began escorting her back toward his car. The female subject began to tense up her arm and pull away from the officer while yelling at him. Once at the patrol car the female subject refused to obey the officer’s commands to place her hands on the car. When the officer again tried to gain control of her, she pulled away and twisted, breaking free of the officer’s grip several times..."

Then, things got out of hand:

"... When the officer tried to handcuff the female subject, another female subject intervened. The second female subject placed her hands on the officer’s arm, causing the officer to believe she was attempting to physically affect the first subject’s escape. The officer pushed the second subject back, but she again came at the officer, at which time he punched her. The second subject moved away and the officer was able to handcuff the first subject and place her in the back seat of his patrol car..."

Let’s go to the tape...

There are a lot of things we can observe watching this video.

First and foremost, this cop did nothing wrong.  Hell, if one was really hell bent on issuing some sort of blame on this officer for this whole mess, it might be that he seemed to be unable to efficiently handcuff a teenage girl.

But as far as being rough with the one in the black shirt ad out right knocking out the hick in the pink shirt, he was well within his right.  He is a police man and has a job to do.  His job is to apprehend law breakers and maintain control.  These two broads were in control of the whole situation, from start to finish and it is in the failed choices that these two ignorant twats that we find the true fault of this whole mess.

I am woman, hear me roar...


The two girls in this video got a hard education of a lesson that most boys learn early on in life:


These two bitches decided that instead of listening to (and following) the directions of the police officer, these two glittering jewels of ignorance decided they were going to pick a fight with a man with a badge and a gun.

Did they think that he was going to get scared of these two hardcore bitches and run home with his tail between his legs?

1194984609285255522police_man_ganson.svg.hiThe ovaries on these two cunts... crying "police brutality" when they should be thanking their lucky stars that all they got as a little roughed up in this whole mess instead of tazered or shot (which would have been a likely outcome if they had been two men trying this kind of horse shit.

Further proof that this whole mess could have been easily avoided for these two broads had understood that ever so basic rule of survival (DFWWCFWY) happens about 0:07 seconds into the video.

As the policeman is trying to speak to the girl in the black shirt, the broad in the pink shirt is being held out of the whole mess by her man (a guy in a light blue shirt) whose body language seems to scream to the woman in pink "You really don't want to do that..."

But she did.

And as I watched her come face to face with one of the cold hard realities of life, the wise words of my father rang in my head:

Don't write checks your ass can't cash


bufordtjusticeIt all boils down to a respect issue.  Plain and simple.

If you listen to the two broads throughout the video (as well as many of the on-lookers), they seemed to be shocked that a) a policeman was arresting them, b) a male policeman was arresting them, and c) not only can a male policeman arrest them, he can do it as roughly as he feels necessary.

I always took it as common sense that you never laid a hand n a police officer.

Cops ain't paid to lose fights.

The damnable shame of all of this nonsense is that a good cop- who, again, in my opinion did absolutely nothing wrong in this situation- might end up being disciplined (if not out and out fired) for trying to take control of a shitty (and rapidly devolving) situation.



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