Fisherman's wife shines truth of BP's clean up efforts...

oil-handsMight there be more to the oil spill?

Sound bites from politicians speak only of the lost business and tourist dollars while the talking heads on TVshow video after video of heartbreaking environmental damage yet for some reason it seems to me that the real impact of this accident has yet to be publicly discussed. 

Might the devastation-both economically and environmentally-be only the beginning to the damage done by the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?

Balloons and ponies...

Below is a video featuring Kindra Arneses-the self-described “uneducated housewife” of a Louisiana fisherman who has fallen ill after being hired by BP to help clean up the oil spill.  The video is a little wrong would give it a tumble. She does have something to say and we should do our part and listen...

fishermen1For those of you who didn't watch the video, it displayed Mrs. Arneses going on for over 15 minutes blasting the piss poor, penny pinching efforts being made by British Petroleum in cleaning up the oil spill, all the while (being joined, I might add, in chorus by our President and elected officials) telling us that they are sparing no expense in trying to find a solution to this ever troubling problem. 

Arneses describes what she's seen and heard in her travels around the region. She says that in the early days of the spill, BP granted her access to areas that are now off-limits to most people. It was here, she says, that she learned what "ponies and balloons" are.

fishermen2"About a week and half in, I learned what 'ponies and balloons' meant," she said. “‘Ponies and balloons' means that every time an official is headed anywhere near here, they get a heads up. All assets are deployed into the hardest-hit areas. The official comes in, flies over, 'good job, fellas' (waves), pats 'em on the back. When that official disappears out of the hardest-hit area, so does 75 percent to 80 percent of the response."

Eye-opening really, considering the rash of recent reports that for a recent visit by President Obama  to Grande Isle, La., on the spill frontlines, BP brought on hundreds of temporary cleanup workers, only to bus them back the moment he left the area.

But what do we expect? 

underwater-plumeDo we really think that the greedy oil company was going to put our interests ahead of their bottom line?  That the politicians these companies keep in their hip pockets to hold them to account?  If anything it can be done about this spill in the Gulf and its effects on Americans in the region, that is going to have to come from us, the small people that the executives at British Petroleum are going so far out of their way to pretend to help.


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