Scientists developing a Stress Vaccine...

stressed_outThere is a lot of talk out there about efforts being made by scientists who worship at the altar of Eugenics and are primarily funded by "New World Order" Master of the universe types that lurk in the shadows of global events to try and find sneaky ways of turning the human population into mindless, soulless "sheeple". 

Usually I brush past the stuff, finding it to be nothing more than mindless chatter by folks with an ever so slight grip on reality. But upon the discovery of this news, I have to admit they might have a point...

Scientists believe they can cure stress with a simple vaccine.

swirlheadAfter 30 years of research into cures for stress, Dr Robert Sapolsky, professor of neuroscience at Stanford University in California, believes it is possible to alter brain chemistry to create a state of 'focused calm'.   Professor Sapolsky claims he is on the path to a genetically engineered formula that would remove the need for relaxation therapies or prescription drugs. 

(Before we get too far, let me just reiterate that the good Dr. Mengele -er- Sapolsky is burning a ton of calories to try and find a way to chemically turn off our instinctive "flight or fight" response... but I digress...)

1105abelson_stress_sapolskyAccording to Dr. Sapolsky, chronic stress can be linked as a factor to heart disease, diabetes, and other horrific medical conditions. These nasty side effects of stress are believed to be caused through the natural release of the hormone glucocorticoids, intended to help the body deal with perceived threats.  When left unregulated in the body, the hormone becomes toxic both biologically, by destroying brain cells and weakening the immune system, and socially, when people continue to snap at their friends or family hours after the original cause of tension has vanished.

But not for long...

After early setbacks in the research, the Stanford team has adapted a herpes virus to carry engineered 'neuroprotective' genes deep into the brain to neutralize the rogue hormones before they can cause damage. The virus is now shown to work on rats. 

"To be honest, I'm still amazed that it works," Professor Sapolsky told Wired magazine recently.

"...We have proved that it's possible. We can reduce the neural damage caused by stress."

 "This could change society..."

vaccines-injectionThough human trials are said to be years away, the potential for this "wonder drug" is already being seen.

A Stanford University colleague, who called the potential vaccine 'the Sapolsky shot', said: 'In humans this engineered virus would short-circuit the neural feedback caused by stress, that lingering feeling of tension after a crisis has passed...  It would leave you fresher and ready to deal with another threat, so you can maintain your drive, but with more focused calm rather than bad temper and digestion... This could change society."

 Last October, Professor Sapolsky's preparatory work was published in last October's US National Institute of Health.

 A complacent society is a happy society...


Before you go rolling your eyes at the thought of this new vaccine being nothing for you to worry about, just hear me out for a minute:

It is neither uncommon nor unheard of to have a government demand the population get vaccinated.

How do you think they eradicated polio and smallpox...

depopulatie_griepvaccinsThey already will not let you register your child into a school without having had all of their vaccines.  And with the new era of government controlled healthcare (including a federal government with a vested interest in you staying healthy) how long will it be before they demand vaccines in order to work or move freely around in society?

Especially when said vaccine is being sold as a way to help illuminate one of the biggest natural causes [stress] of heart disease and diabetes (two of the most rampant health issues facing our nation currently).

Of course, the fact that a side effect of the drug is that the vaccinated populous becomes complacent little drones too focused on the task at hand to notice the big picture (let alone get mad enough at it to do anything about it), in the eyes of the government, might be a desired plus.

I mean just think of all they could do if we all stopped giving a damn...

000089-titleimageNow I'm not going to go as far as claiming that all the work being done by Prof. Sapolsky is a part of some vast unseen global conspiracy to control us all... not yet anyway.

But I will say that this is something for all of us to keep a very watchful eye on....


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