Chinese Government using Death Wagons to remove condemned; sell organs on the Black Market...


Chinese Death VanIf there are two stereotypes that seem to persist the Chinese people, it is that they are an industrious lot (always finding a faster and more efficient way of getting the day to day tasks done) and their willingness to make a buck in everything that they do (Chinese restaurants never seem to go out of business... they just change their names).  And in a nation of 1.3 billion oppressed people, even the executions need to be streamlined.

Last year, the Chinese executed 1,715 people... which is a lot, but in a country of 1 billion plus people it is hardly a drop in the bucket.  But none the less, killing almost two thousand people took a lot of time.  Previous methods of Chinese execution, like the "Death of a thousand cuts" (where an executioner would literally cover you with hundreds of small razor thin slashes and let the victim slowly bleed out), were outlawed making way for a faster and more efficient way of punishing those who broke laws or resisted totalitarian rule... the firing squad.

But even automatic weapons still took a tremendous amount of time (even if they did it as a group) and there was a lot of mess to clean up.  And with the rising cost of ammunition these days, why they were going broke getting rid of their trouble makers and rabble rousers.  If only there was an even more efficient way to dispose of undesirable elements of one's society?  One that would not only take the mess and inpersonalness of firing squad executions away, but also be more cost effective?  Dare we say even maybe turning a profit?

Nazi Gas VansBeing good student s of hystory, the Chinese turned to those who have come before to see how they have settled up such issues before.  There had to have been other countries or cultures that have had to remove certain members of society, and do so in a neat and efficient manner?  Like any citizen oppressing, totalitarian regime, the Chinese decided to look no further that to Adolf Hitler for an answer to their problems.  And let me tell you... it is fucked up.

In the vein of the Nazi "Gas Wagons", which funneled the vehicle's exhaust into the cargo portion of the vehicle killing those riding in the back, the Chinese have found an efficient and cost effective way to get rid of its problem citizens.  Death Wagons!!!!

Condemned man being led into a Chinese Death VanThere is little more known about the Chinese Death Wagons, other than they exist.  While there is no formal announcement of how many of them there are roaming around the Chinese countryside, it is known for sure that there are no less than 18 of these meat wagons cruising the streets of the Yunnan Province.  The Daily Mail, in its special report on the Chinese Death Wagons, describes the inner workings of the Death Vans as a very clinical procedure. The condemned is loaded into the van, sedated and ready to be ushered into the other side.  Inside the van, the prisoner is handcuffed to a gurney, loaded up with three toxic drugs ( sodium thiopental to put them under; pancuronium bromide, which stops the breathing; and potassium chloride which stops the heart).  Once the drugs do the prisoner in, he is then packed on ice and chopped up.  The eyes, kidneys, liver, pancreas, and lungs are then removed and taken to hospitals in Beijing, shanghai, and Guangzhou where they are sold on the market to wealthy people.  See, China has a burgeoning humyn organ business.

Victem of the hot new Chinese export!!!While the Chinese made the world think that they had turned over a new leaf, by banning the selling of humyn organs taken against the "donor's" will, the law conveniently left out the use of prisoners in the humyn tissue trade.  And with an expected 10,000 executions on the slate for the Chinese government, 2009 is starting to look like another blockbuster year for the Chinese.

The company responsible for building these Death Wagons claims that they have not yet made any foreign sales, but once the Chinese government starts launching satellites up on Chinese people liver money it won't take long for the tin horned dictators of the world to take cue and start making their criminals give something back to the society that they took so much from.  And from there, who knows?  Rich people need organs and Governments need money.  Add an overcrowded prison system and a few corrupt politicians and who knows???  One man's inmate is another man's kidney I guess.

So just file this one away...

The Chinese government were going to kill these people as it is and they are using the money to bail out the crumbling economies of the Western nations who will no doubt wag their fingers at these humyn right abuses as they extend their hand out and beg the Chinese government to buy a few more billions in T-Bills and keep the Great Democratic Experiment afloat.  Watch to see if the world makes a peep... or if they just keep a watchful eye to learn from the mistakes of the Chinese. 

After all, there are way too many reports of world governments looking to cut their populations in order to fend off environmental destruction and the predicted shortage of vital resources. 


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