Another Obama nominee in trouble for not paying thier taxes...


Kathleen Sebelius, Tax CheatThis has got to be a sick joke.  Either Obama is snake bit or he really is trying to consolidate all the power and is using these tax evading patsies as distractions so we never notice the man behind the curtain. 

Kathleen Sebelius, Kansas' esteemed governor and Heath and Humyn Services secretary to be, hit a slight road block in her nomination process.  Turns out that she has had to correct three years of tax returns due to some "Unintentional errors".  The unintentional errors include questions over some charitable contributions, deductions, and a question on some of her business expenses.  Of course the irony of this is that Sebelius got her nomination to replace Tom Daschle, who withdrew his nomination after it was discovered that he had failed to pay taxes on some $140,000.

In a letter to congress, Sebelius explained the errors in her tax returns as "Unintentional errors" and that her and her husband paid the $7040 in back taxes, as well as the $878 in interest.  The errors reportedly occurred from 2005-07.  He's got jungle fever, she's got jungle fever...A private accountant was hired by Sebelius and her husband in order to prepare for the nomination process.  In detail, the errors that the accountant found were:

  • - 3 missing notes from charities acknowledging that she did in fact donate money to an accredited charity (and not to something like the Human Fund).
  • - Took the mortgage deduction in 2006 despite having sold that house.
  • - Insufficient documentation of claimed business expenses.

Truthfully, Sebelius should not have too much trouble with her nomination over this.  It does not seem malicious and could be justified as simple oversight.  And when compared to the tax problems of some of Obama's other cabinet nominees, Sebelius' are small potatoes.  The only real issue here is that if any of us were to pull this kind of shit, a note of apology and repayment of error would not be enough.  Three years of tax fraud might get some of us peasants thrown in the slam.  It must be nice to be in charge...


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