Why ask why about Conficter?


sandwormApril First came and went and nothing happened.  All that hype on this Conficter virus, and for what?  Just a lot of hype.  I did update my antivirus, so that was a good thing.  And that story I wrote about it got all over Google, but other than that Conficter didn't do jack but leave people asking not only what is going to happen, but why.

It isn't the question of what that bothers me.  What makes perfect sense.  There is in fact a virus that is in fact infecting more and more machines.  At some point, this was bound to do something.  We have no idea what, but we do know that it is intended to do something.  Everything else that man has created has been intended to serve some sort of purpose, so the obvious presumption about this stupid thing would be that it is intended to serve some sort of purpose.  And given the secretive nature of the computer worm, it would not be out of line for one to make that presumption that the intended purpose would be something malicious or harmful in nature.

Heath LedgerNay, it is the asking of why that perplexes me.  It leaves me baffled actually.  For whatever reason, Americans have become obsessed with trying to sort out the reason for why bad people do bad things and I have no earthly idea why.  Did we not learn anything from The Dark Knight?  Sometimes, there are people out there who want nothing more than to make the world burn.  Did Heath Ledger die for nothing?!?! 

Not every bad thing happens to us for a reason.  MOST things do (and come to find out normally it is our fault), but every now and again something bad is going to happen, and it is going to be for no real reason at all.  Fuck, it might even happen to a good person who never cheated on his wife, always paid his taxes, and is beloved by his friends and neighbors.  This saint of a man will have something horrible happen for no other reason that he just happened to be there when Fate was handing out the shit sandwiches.  And what's worse is that it happens every fucking day.  As sure as the sun comes up, somewhere someone is having the worst day of their life.

Jimmy CarterThe hackers who wrote this virus may very well have a rational reason for writing this worm virus.  It might be for some grand theft.  Or maybe it is an act of terror, and when they flip the switch the world's computers will all display "Al Ali Akbar" and explode.  Maybe the worm is the fuse igniting a huge Fire Sale.  Or maybe... just maybe... it was nothing more than a simple prank to try and see just how nutty the media was willing to make things.    It could have been for any of those reasons.  But it just as easily could be for no other reason than to make the world pay just for the sake of making the world pay; the act of a "madman" for nothing more than just 'the reckoning'.

As a society, we over analyze everything, caught in a wicked cycle of over thinking ourselves.  And it happens all the time.  Happens in sports, happens in sex.  Hell, sometimes it happens when I am staring at the screen for an hour trying to figure out what the first word should be.  We get stuck in the process- over complicating what should not be so difficult.  In a task (or activity) over thinking is enough to distract you from your task.  You drop the pass, you lose your stiffie.  Over thinking is said to be the downfall of the Jimmy Carter administration, with many critics saying that Jimmy Carter was so thoughtful, it left him neutered and paralyzed in the face of a challenge- too busy trying to see every possible scenario and solution to have the presence of mind to just act.  Like they used to say in grades school all the time- When trying to make an educated guess, your first impulse is probably right.

kissKeep It Simple Stupid.  That's what my father always said.  And sure enough, not thinking sometimes works best.  Like Lil' Bush said "I'm a doer, not a thinker."  Not thinking though does not mean mindlessness, but rather just taking things how they are.  When something goes wrong with your car, do you look for some esoteric cause for why it did?  Or do you just find the part that is fucking up and replace it? 

Just as it is with things, so it is with people.  Sometimes, some people don't work.  Sometimes they are fucked up.  Sometimes people cheat.  Sometimes people lie.  And yes, sometimes people make computer viruses for no other reason than to make the world burn down. 

So who cares why whoever wrote this worm did it.  I really could care less if Allah told them to make the westerner pay or if this is nothing more than a sad cry out for their nonexistent daddy to come and tell him how proud he is of his little boy (speaking of which, why can't boys act out like grrls?  When a grrl misses a few hugs from daddy, she just becomes a slut).

 All I want to know is who they are and how fast we can hang them from their unused wangs.  Simple as that.


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