An update on the fate of Prop 19...

Yeson19LogoFINALEvery Election Day has its ramifications, both on a state level as well as nationally.

But none like this coming one...

On November 2nd, the citizens of the state of California will have the first opportunity to speak for themselves- as a state- in regards to the increasingly unpopular Federal prohibition of marijuana.

Californians will be voting next Tuesday on Proposition 19 (Prop 19) which- if passed would legalize marijuana in the state Legal Marijuana(1)and allow for it to be sold (and taxed) legally.

Throughout the summer, we have been reporting to you on the increasing popularity of the proposition.

But now- with less than a week before the big day- Prop 19 has gone from "sure thing" to "in play".

Following a big push over the past few weeks from groups (as well as federal agencies) that are opposed to the passage, a new poll has found Prop 19 o the losing end of things.

A poll taken y the Public Policy Institute of California finds Prop 19 trailing going into the last weekend before Election Day, 49%- 44%, a trend that other polls taken around the state seem to be mirroring as well.

Genesis 1:12

hemp-washingtonThese recent polls came to a shock to those supporting Prop 19, who just last month were ready to pop bottles of champagne over favorable poll results reported by the Fields Poll (widely regarded as the most accurate poll takers in the state), 49%-42%.

An internal poll released by Yes on 19! (The group in support of the proposition) found that Prop 19 passes with ease, 56%-41% (a HUGE departure from the 5% loss in the Public policy poll).

Experts, both in the state as well as nationally, feel that the passage of Prop 19 is a toss-up as of now.  And with many marijuana bag themadpothead-thumb-170x185Californians already having had their minds made up on whether or not they agree with the measure, there is a mad dash for those precious few undecided voters floating around out there that might make the difference in this super tight Election.

Trying to make up the difference (should the Public Policy Poll be right), ultra left wing rabble rouser George Soros reportedly donated $1 million dollars to the legalization effort in order to try and reach those last few undecidedes out there with a flood of radio, print, and television ads (like the one below). 


Puff, Puff, PASS...


The passage of Prop 19 will have ramifications far beyond the border of California...

The rest of the states- in particular the marijuana friendly havens of Colorado, Oregon, and Washington- will be watching grrl-plantshow things develop out in California.  Should legalization not bring about a total collapse of the state (moreover, should Prop 19 actually deliver on the estimated tax revenue figures it has been touting), then it is likely that we will see more states voting on legalization... which will put pressure on the Federal authorities to reevaluate the nation's policies in regards to marijuana. 

Despite statements during his campaign to the contrary, state laws permitting usage of the illegal drug to be used medicinally have not stopped the Obama Administration from keeping Federal law enforcement agencies from staging raids of dispensaries complying with state laws in California and Colorado.  The Federal Justice department has also publicly announced that it would still enforce the prohibitionist policies of the American government towards marijuana in the state even if Prop 19 passes.

But that is something that will be changing soon...


A recent Gallop Poll has found a record number of Americans (46%) supporting the legalization of marijuana (as well as a record low number of Americans, 50%, continuing to favor the current prohibition policies of the United States).

And it gets more promising...

usa-weedFor years now, the "Founding Fathers of Conservative thought" (such as Milton Friedman, George Shultz, and William F. Buckley) have felt that marijuana (as well as all drugs to be honest) should be legalized.  And while only 25% of Republicans currently support the legalization of marijuana, it is an issue becoming more and more popular among republican candidates (as well as the individual freedom oriented wing of the Party).

“As you see the liberty wing of the Republican Party grow, you’ll see more support for legalization,” says John Dennis, the Republican candidate running against Nancy Pelosi who has embraced the movement rather publicly.

And it ain't just vote hungry candidates looking to get any edge possible in gathering votes.

Conservative talking head Glenn Beck has also weighed in on the issue... and actually made a lot of sense on the matter.

“You know what, I think it’s about time we legalize marijuana. Hear me out for a second…” Beck told viewers in April. “We have to make a choice in this country. We have to either put people who are smoking marijuana behind bars, or we legalize it. But this little game we’re playing in the middle is not helping us, is not helping Mexico, and is causing massive violence on our southern border.”

sarah_palinEven Sarah Palin, who’s opposed to legalization, has called pot a relatively “minimal problem,” telling Fox Business Network this summer, “I think we need to prioritize our law-enforcement efforts. And if somebody’s gonna smoke a joint in their house and not do anybody else harm, then perhaps there are other things our cops should be looking at to engage in and try to clean up some of the other problems that we have in society.” (Palin has also admitted to trying pot during the time it was decriminalized in Alaska, but said she didn’t like it.)

Is it too far out there a thought for the Grand Ol' Party- desperate to get as many votes as they can to defeat Obama in 2012- to take on legalization (which would fit beautifully in the "Get the government out of our lives" platform the Tea Party is bringing to the forefront of the party) in order to attract young and fringe voters?

But it all starts in California...

So... Cali readers...

stoned-uncle-samDo the nation a favor...

Turn out in mass and tell the Government to stay out of our bedrooms and out of our lives...

Vote Yes on Prop 19 and make sure that all your friends and family do as well.

It will be good for you and in the long run good for your country.


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