Thoughts on terrorism...

terror-campThe recent attempted terrorist attack in Portland marks what I believe to be the new trend in American killing being dreamed up by Islamic extremists in their "War against the Western World".

No longer will they be putting all of their ducks in the dream of taking out a big spectacular target, favoring now to pursue softer, more difficult to fortify public targets.

It's not like it was in the ol' days, when a jihadist ready to make a statement could gather up with men of a similar ilk and go crash a plane of unwilling by-standers into the heart of America.. 

tsaNever mind the ever so thorough examinations by TSA agents before boarding the flight... should some jihad obsessed fool  decide to make a break for the cockpit, it won't be a docile and willing group he will be trying to take with him.  Not anymore.

It is going to be soft targets- like malls, train stations, discotheques, and public gatherings- that will be the next trend in the home version of the "War on Terror".

And don't go giving me looks like I just blew the secret for these camel fuckers...

They have been pulling this shit off in Israel and in Europe for years now.

Guess they feel their ground game is ready for the Big Leagues.

Ball bearing shrapnel and vans full of white drums are a sign of things to come I fear... the next step in a fight Americans are not aware that they are a part of.

nahr_al_bared_palestinian_terrorist_camp2And sadly, I also think it is a fight Americans are not willing to win, no matter how you would go to define victory.

If by victory you mean going on with their lives without missing a beat; thumbing their nose at the attempts made by pissed off religious zealots to have them break their imperial lockstep strides...nope.

Americans demand security in all things.  No one wants to worry more than they have to... and the reality of officially having to watch oneself around ALL brown males (as opposed  to the black and hispanics they currenty worry about) they come across lest their lives be placed in serious peril is worrying more than they would have to.

portland-ramadanBut while demanding security, Americans will start to get pissed if the security becomes a little too encroaching or starts hurting too many feelings (as the most efficient way to catch terrorists  is to search out those that would most likely be terrorists: young (18-45 year old) Arab or Muslim males).

We are a bunch of fucking babies.

No wonder nothing ever gets done in this fucking country...

Waaaah!  Stop the brown men from killing us...

Waaaah!  Stop stepping on my civil rights...

We can't have it both ways folks... we really can't.

police-stateIf you want to be as positive as possible that every effort has been made to know exactly who has brought what with them anywhere you go (because there are no guarantees that every attempt will be thwarted... remember, security is a game of catch up) then you are going to have to let them look at everything (God I can't wait until Al Qaeda decided to go tampex with their next airplane bomb).

And don't think that the searches are going to be contained to the airports and train stations...

This would be the second publicly acknowledged attempt by jihadist assholes to try and blow up a packed public target with a crudely formed car bomb.

van-searchI can foresee the random searching of vehicles in the streets of every major American city by the end of next year...

Maybe a thorough frisking to go along with it.

But if that seems like too much for you and you decide you want to have personal privacy protected, then you can't go demanding they search every Mohamud, Jamal, and Ali Baba... remember, what's good for the goose is good for the Mecca facing asshole under investigation for wanting to carve off his daughters clit for dishonoring the family with her wearing of American shorts and listening to Lady Gaga.

In the end, it's a simple choice...

Live a dangerous free life or a hampered safe one.

(I'd say the choice is yours but sadly I feel it is a choice that may have already been made for you...)


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