Taliban strikes Pakistani targets...


taliban fightersLast week, Hillary Clinton opened the door for moderate members of the Taliban to come to the negotiation table and have a part in the rebuilding of Afghanistan.  It didn't take long for the Taliban to give her their answer.

Last week, the Taliban replied back by telling Secretary of State Clinton, as well as President Obama, to take their extended hand of friendship and stick it up their ass as they rattled their sabers (literally) and threatened a new string of attacks on both American soil and American interests abroad. 

ruins of blown up grrl school in PakistanThis week, they are starting to make good on those promises.  A suicide bomber made his way into a Shiite Mosque on Sunday and took 22 people with him as the Taliban began their new offensive.  They followed that up Monday by blowing up a five schools for girls all over Afghanistan spokesman for the terror group currently holed up in a cave somewhere in the tribal region between Afghanistan and Pakistan came out and promised that there will be two attacks a week until the Americans stop bombing the shit out of them with their drones.

For years now, the Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters who managed to escape the American dragnet have been hiding the mountainous region between Afghanistan and Pakistan.  But as American interests turned more towards the Iraqi conflict, the Taliban was able to gain strength; not only seizing control in the tribal region where they are hiding, but succeeding in attempts being made to destabilize Pakistan, an American ally in the region.  These latest attacks only magnify the increasing tensions in the region.

In the past few weeks, President Obama has talked about bringing the surge strategy which was so effective in gaining control of Iraq into Afghanistan.  And with Pakistan being a nuclear nation and these bunch of nut jobs running around in the mountains just dying to get close to a launch code, it might be in our best interest to get this thing under control.



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