US Congresswoman shot during political event...

gifford-headA Democratic member of the US House of Representatives is among the eighteen people who were shit in front of a Safeway supermarket during a political event Saturday morning.

Representative Gabrielle Giffords, an Arizona Democrat, was shot in the head during the believed "politically motivated" attack.   She, along with seventeen other people (nine of whom- including a nine year old girl- are dead) were in front of the store in participating in a "Congress on Your Corner" event, intended to get Congressional Representatives in touch with their constituents back home.

Ms. Giffords, 40, was described as being in very critical condition at the University Medical Center in Tucson, where she was operated on by a team of neurosurgeons. One of the surgeons said that she had been shot once in the head, “through and through,” with the bullet going through her brain.

“I can tell you at this time, I am very optimistic about her recovery,” he said in a news conference. “We cannot tell what kind of recovery but I’m as optimistic as it can get in this kind of situation.”

Witnesses said Ms. Giffords was speaking to constituents when a man ran up and began firing. He then tried to escape on foot but was tackled by a bystander and taken into custody by the police.

The Associated Press is claiming that unnamed sources are saying that the shooter's name is Jared Loughner, though officially the local police are only saying that they have an unnamed 22 year old man in custody in currently in regards to the shooting.

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On Wednesday, Rep. Giffords was sworn in to her second term as a US Congresswoman.  She won her seat in a narrow victory, much to the chagrin of the Tea Party and Sarah Palin.  Giffords was among the 18 "targets" that Palin had her "sights" on (metaphorically speaking of the seats her political opponents currently held, of course) during last year's midterm elections. 

While there is no known motive for the attack just yet, it has been widely speculated that the attack could have been politically motivated and that a map featured on Sarah Palin’s Facebook page (the map has little "Gun sights" on various spots of the map intended to represent the individual representative that the Conservative rabble rouser was targeting) may have been the muse for this senseless act.


But that shouldn't have anything to do with it, despite the caterwauling coming out of the political Left of the nation.

sarah_palin_with_a_gun_largeSarah Palin has about as much to do with this poor woman (and the 17 people along with her) as Jodie Foster did in President Reagan's assassination attempt...Or the Beatles for the Tate murders.

For starters, there may not have been a political motivation to this guy's actions at all. 

For all we know, this whole ordeal might have been nothing more than the subservient obedience to the commands of the disembodied voices this wing nut hears in his head.

But even if this nut bag was doing this in order to express his distaste for the Congresswoman's voting record, it still has nothing at all to do with Sarah Palin.

Sure, she is currently making a career by showing up in TV and throwing a few Molotov cocktails into the political discourse and in the eyes of many is very quietly building herself f a very loyal "army" of political supporters, but that does not make the lone actions of some lunatic looking to get noticed her responsibility.


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