Somali pirates hijack ship, take 20 American hostages...


Picture of the ship the Pirates hijackedIn what could shape up as Obama's first Jimmy Carter moment, Somali pirates hijacked a US flagged cargo ship off the coast of Somalia.  The ship was intended for Kenya, where it was intended to deliver relief supplies to whatever horrific Africa thing that is going on there.

Fox News is reporting that the Somali pirates, the scourge of whatever sea it is that they are the scourge of, took hold of the ship, along with some 20 American hostages, early Wednesday morning.  The US navy has confirmed the seizure, adding that they are closely monitoring the situation and have vessels in the area.

These pack of clowns are threatening American influenceWhat is perplexing me here is how the headline I am reading isn't "Somali pirates seize American flagged ship; SEALs killed them all" or something to that effect.  We are America and these are Somali pirates.  SOMALI PIRATES!!!!  It is not as if they were taken as part of an international incident by the Chinese or the Russians or something.  Does Somalia even have a government?  And even if they do, who cares?  Obviously they are failing miserably at running their shit.

Don't get me wrong, I was a fan of the Somali pirates, but I was a fan of them when they were seizing other countries ships.  When they start seizing American ships... well, that's a horse of a different color.    Earlier in the week, I spoke of how America's enemies seem to have been emboldened as they test the resolve of America's will.  And with Obama's appearance of being willing to hear out the demands of every tin horned dictator out there, there are some who might feel that Obama may be weak and willing to let them get away with literal murder in order to maintain the peaceful image of the US of A.  And apparently, now so do Somali pirates. 

If Obama wants to let the world know that while America is willing to listen to its friends, then it also needs to reinforce that it is not going to put up with shit either.  I understand that the eagle does not hunt the fly, but for Christ sake, it does try and swat them away.  And these little Somali flies have finally done something to raise the eye of the American eagle, and maybe it is time for the American eagle to give them a good swat.


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