Kal Penn to work for Obama


Kal PennIt is moves like this that give me some reservation about the Obama administration. 

In order to bridge communications between Obama and the Asian and Pacific Islander communities, the President appointed Indian actor (and stoner hero) Kal Penn.

Penn, who recently had his character commit suicide in the Fox series House, is most known as Kumar, the pot obsessed sidekick to Asian stereotype Harold in the Harold and Kumar films.  But from now on (should he be approved that is) he will be an adviser to Obama when it comes to Asian communities and when dealing with the Arts.

Penn, with costar John Cho as Harold and KumarNot for nothing, but really?  Kumar is the best person for this job?  I am not doubting it or anything... I am smart enough that just because he plays an ambitionless burnout in a series of hugely successful stoner comedies does not mean that he is in real life (though there is a small part of me that would love to believe that he and Obama hang out in the Rose Garden, burning a spliff. chatting about the finer points of Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj.

But really... is this a kick back for Penn's very vocal support of Obama as he was running for the office?  Or has Kal Penn been getting paid for all these years to play the role of the smartass friend who is actually quite smart by just being his smart assed super intelligent self???  The thing about this that gets me is that they take the smart Indian guy, who was a pretty good actor actually, and leaves acting to be the advisor to the President in connecting better to Asian communities while the not so good Asian actor is still acting!!!  Does this not make any sense to anyone else???

Either way, Penn's official title is associate director in the Office of Public Liaison.  The White House has not released just how much Penn would be making for the job (but we think it safe to assume it is going to be a lot less than he made for an episode of House).  We at the Constitutional do wish him luck in his new gig.  While sad that Harold and Kumar 3 is now never going to happen, we are happy to see that an actor we like is making a name for himself in other avenues.


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