Iran behind 9/11???

towersG_228x263Fitting, is it not, that what may bring about the beginning of World War III has been brought to light on the day God is supposed to begin the Rapture???

A suit filed in US courts this week is alleging that Iran had direct knowledge of the attacks on the United States on 9/11 as well as played a key role in the planning and execution of the operation.

According to the documents filed on the behalf of the behalf of families of dozens of September 11 victims, two former Iranian intelligence officials that defected to the United States have testified that not only Iran but Hezbollah (a militant Islamic group with close ties to Tehran best known for being a pain in Israel’s ass) helped Al Qaeda by offering  (as the suit put it) “…direct support for, and sponsorship of, the most deadly act of terrorism in American history''.

ahmad_6460_s640x508According to the suit, Iran and Hezbollah helped Al-Qaeda with planning the attacks and with the hijackers' training and travel. After the attacks, the suit says, Iran and Hezbollah helped al-Qaeda operatives and their families to escape, in some cases providing them with a safe haven in Iran.

Along with the nation of Iran and entire group of Hezbollah, the lawsuit also names as defendants Iranian officials and ministries, as well as Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, among others.

As of yet, none of the defendants named in the suit (neither from Iran nor from the terrorist outfits) has responded to the news.

According to the New York Times:

“…the lawyers assert that Imad Mugniyah, as the military chief of Hezbollah, was a terrorist agent for Iran, and that he travelled to Saudi Arabia in 2000 to help with preparations for the September 11 attacks.

Mugniyah, killed in 2008, had been accused by US officials of planning a series of terrorist attacks and kidnappings, including the bombings of the US embassy and marine barracks in Lebanon in 1983.

The September 11 commission report said there was ''strong evidence Iran facilitated the transit of al-Qaeda members into and out of Afghanistan before [the attacks], and that some of these were future [September 11] hijackers''.

But the commission said it had ''found no evidence that Iran or Hezbollah was aware of the planning for what later became'' the September 11 attacks and that the ''topic requires further investigation by the US government''.

 Should the 9/11 families bringing this case to the courts manage to pull off a win, most legal experts are certain that no settlement monies will ever be collected from the defendants.

Call to War

aa-Iran-in-crosshairsWell… how’s this for a bubbling crock of shit just waiting for all of us- as a nation- to just rub our toes all up in it…

Defected Iranian intelligence guys claiming that Iran and Hezbollah were the moneymen behind the whole 9/11 mess…

And here I was starting to buy into that whole “thermite paint all over the stairwells planned demolition” theory Jesse Ventura keeps rattling on and on about.

Makes a little more sense now, if you think about it…

The whole pulling off of 9/11…

Of course it would be Iran and Hezbollah with the Al Qaeda in the airplane in this geopolitical game of Clue we have been playing for the past decade or so (and playing poorly, I might add, given that we still have not wrapped up that quagmire in Afghanistan and the whole invasion of Iraq debacle)…


It is the only scenario that makes sense…

And it is for that reason precisely that I think I smell a little bullshit smeared on this suit…

Hear me out:

The American economy is in the shitter with no foreseeable way to get out of it as we are currently being navigated. Our leaders, the unimaginative lot of cowards they turned out to be, can’t seem to keep themselves from coming back to the very prescient point that nothing gets a country out of an economic malaise quite like a good ol’ fashioned war.


But our nation, sick and tired of sending our best and brightest to die in far off sands, will not easily go along with a politician trying to drag us into yet another war…

They will need convincing…

Think that whole mess in Libya was based on that humanitarian bullshit Obama tried to spoon feed up with that nonsensical speech he made?

It was an attempt to involve the American people in a new war… one being sold as a humanitarian mission to help a people oppressed by an old American enemy (the shockingly spry Col. Gadhafi) find freedom (It helped that they also happen to hold a rather large chuck of the world’s energy supplies).

So, upon seeing that we were not moved to shake our sabers over the fates of the freedom craving Libyans (who seem to still be freedom craving, though from last check they were also losing), the “Powers that Be” set up a brand new straw man: Iran.

Noticing those “spontaneous” (I’ll believe that the happenings in some of the nation’s college campuses and around Ground Zero and Times Square might have been legit and heart felt, there is no convincing me that the group of screaming idiots dancing around the front of the White House waving crisp American flags just as President Obama took credit for the assassination of Osama bin Laden) expressions of American patriotism, the people pulling the strings had a thought: perhaps in order to get the American people to cry out for blood, the point of it must be personal.

001-0629145632-Iran-War-4We Americans begged for blood after 9/11, so when Bush said we needed to bomb Afghanistan into the Stone Age we willingly went along with it.

When he said Iraq was amassing a stockpile of chemical and biological agents terrorists (not to mention Hussein himself) would not hesitate to use against America and her interest and that it was in America’s best interest to strike first, the American people took a long and hard look at the long time American enemy (who had spent the past eight years motherfuckering the United States and laughing at the authority of the United Nations to uphold the conditions of the Iraqi surrender following the First Gulf War) before deciding (for the most part) that they warranted enough threat to be removed.

But back then we were pissed and rich and bloodthirsty…

Now days we are poor and out of shape.

We are beat up from two foreign wars and a crumbling economy.

No way are they going to be able to sell yet another war in the Middle East… even if it is against Iran- the most hated of all of America’s enemies.

But what if Iran were responsible for 9/11…

aa-Iran-being-nukedWhat if Iran happened to have their dirty American hating fingers involved in the planning of 9/11 and perhaps helped fund the operation…? Why that would more than easily enrage enough Americans to create a loud enough demand for vengeance and for blood, creating a defined mandated by the American people for President Obama to lead our nation into a full scale war with Iran (conveniently enough just before they acquire nuclear weapons, which they seem to be on the verge of) whether we could afford it or not!


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