Real Rapture date in October!!!

HaroldCampingWhatever would the people of Earth do without the good Pastor Harold Camping…

Coming days after his failed Rapture prediction, Rev. Harold Camping- the “cult” minister who went around the country claiming that the God would be kicking off the Apocolypse on May 21st, 2011 with Earthquakes, massive storms, and 3% or so of the world’s population getting beamed into God’s coveted VIP room- has come out of hiding and made a stunning claim…

He got shit all wrong.

It turns out that the world was not supposed to begin it’s decent in to the Abyss on May 21st

It’s supposed to do so on October 21st, 2011; the day Camping had previously said was going to be when God would end the Tribulation and begin the cleansing the face of the Earth part of the End of Days.

Let’s hear it from Rev. Camping himself:

And her name was Cassandra…

Anyone shocked to see that this freaking carnie is pulling this stunt again???

This is the same shit he pulled when he guessed the “End Date” wrong back in 1994, when he also claimed that the Rapture was upon them only to claim that the prayers of the faithful so moved the Lord that it stayed his hand until May 21st, 2011 (the date he now claims has been moved to October 21st 2011).

The Rapture 1

The weight of being a seer can really be too much sometimes.


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