Report finds it's not so good being White anymore...

ducks race relationsSeems like the White Man’s burden has gotten heavier over the past few decades…

A study appearing in the May 2011 edition of the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science has found that there have been some interesting developments in the national discussion on matters of Race.

According to the study, both black people and white people agreed that anti-black racism has seen a steady decline over the past sixty years in America.

But this improvement didn’t come without a cost…

Black RacistThe study also found- and this might come as a shock to many of you reading this- that many in White America feel that anti-whitey sentiment has been on the rise.

Asked to rank prejudice against blacks on a 1-10 scale in the 2000s, white respondents put the number at 3.6 - compared with 9.1 in the '50s.

But white respondents also put the number for anti-white bias at 4.7 - way up from the 1.8 of the '50s.

The numbers suggest "that whites also linked the decrease in anti-black sentiment over the last half century to an increase in anti-white bias over the same time period," the authors wrote.

Black participants in the study also saw a decrease in anti-black bias over the years: from 9.7 in the '50s to 6.1 in the '00s.

Blacks also saw an increase in anti-white bias, although in much, much smaller numbers: from 1.4 to 1.8.


The white man is the nigger of the world



I know this is a position that most would not find conducive to find themselves on, but if we are to be objective observers of our society and its constant evolution then we are eventually going to have to take measures in order to protect white Christian males.

I know it sounds laughable, especially if you live in certain parts of fly over country where you are more likely to find a distant relative you never knew about than you are to find a black guy or a Chinaman, but in most of America the white Christian male is the only person you can go after without any fear of the PC Police coming to crack down on you.

 Don’t believe me???

 Which of these sentences are more likely to get me in some degree of trouble if I was to utter them in mixed company:


A). If you leave your children with Catholic priests or an overly devoted Boy Scout troop leader, you may as well garnish their genitals with parsley because they will end up a pervert buffet.


B). If human history has taught us anything it's that the common denominator to all of the issues in the Middle East is Islam.


C). Women Rights arguments would be taken more seriously if they didn’t come from a place where it seems more like they want to find a way to get all sorts of special privileges for being a women yet treated as an equal to a Man.


D). As awful as it sounds, crime numbers would be reduced by more than half simply by outlawing the gathering of more than three black males (ages 15-45) at any one spot at any one time.

black-panthers-led8oct06aConsidering by this point I’m now reduced to paying for sex from trannies, avoiding whole segments of town, and living in hiding to avoid becoming a YouTube sensation for the Al Qaeda channel, sentence A would be the one I can say any time I want.

I’d go so far as to say that if even in from of Boy Scout leaders and Catholic priests I could say that statement and be all but guaranteed to walk away with nary a thought of personal or professional risk.

 I know what it sounds like I am saying...

 It's because we don’t want to be the ones saying those God awful things that have to be said lest we allow zealots and crusaders usurp our civil liberties in the name of safety and protection.

 It's why tobacco, a product sold legally and in the open,  and its use are looked upon worse by society at large as a pariah while the open use of illicit drugs can be lauded as courageous and funny. Think about it... Brad Pitt is a long time cigarette smoker yet he is hardly ever photographed puffing on a cancer stick while I dare you to find the one picture floating around out there of Snoop Dogg or Li'l Wayne where they are not smoking a blunt.  Go ahead... I’ll wait...


It's why going out for supper and tying a couple of glasses of wine off- something even a moderate drinker could more than handle responsibly- puts you in high risk of getting pulled on a DUI check point (a revenue casting net if you will being seen more and more often in cash strapped municipalities) being that when the zealots of MADD were able to bully through their effort to get the legal limit to be reduced to .08 from sea to shining sea (an effort no doubt funded by money donates to the group from the beer companies bullied into providing them with a war chest lest they get smacked by the disapproving looks of an image conscious public), there wasn’t one person (elected or otherwise) willing to stand on the side of the “ugly to say” position.

 And it’s the same here.

 It’s not insanity to look at a problem like the subtle rise of so called "reverse racism" (aided in its growth by the public promotion of white guilt by the main stream media) and express dissatisfaction.

I know the main stream press and the status quo of castrated politeness would prefer you not, but it’s happening...

 Hispanics are quickly becoming the dominant race...

The so called "black" culture is the predominant one of the youth...

Women are rapidly becoming the more educated gender...

I'm not saying that we might need a new kind of social engineering project or anything to protect the sanctity of white culture (if anything, this is just another of the many glaring signs that the Honkey blue eyed Devil is going to have to start assimilating to all the new cultural influences that are starting to crop up all around him)…


Just saying there might be something to these feelings that whitey is feeling.


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