Casey Anthony... Not Guilty...

hugsSo by now I am sure everyone has heard that Casey Anthony, the young harlot that stole America’s heart while being tried for capital murder for her involvement in the mysterious death of her daughter Caylee Anthony, has been found “NOT GUILTY”.

While the whole world seems to be losing their collective minds (which-by the way- is there any evidence out there that Caylee Anthony was in fact Nancy Grace’s daughter as that bitch seems to be losing her shit like Casey did something to her personally…) over the unpopular verdict, I am stunned by what has been coming out of the mouths of all the women I come across in my life.

Seriously, for my entire life I have had this deep belief that there would be nothing good to come out of a world being run by women and today I finally have my proof as to why such a society would never work.

angry-woman-733632See, in America our society is governed by the “Rule of Law”, which basically expresses that all members of the society- be they rich or poor; powerful or downtrodden- are subject to the same rules and laws.  But today droves of women are willing to piss away over two hundred years of the perceived “rule of Law” for the more emotionally satisfying “Eye for an Eye” called upon by the Bible.

And because why???

Because this genuinely horrific example of human debris’ lawyer managed to make the dismantling of the State’s case look like child’s play?

It’s not the system’s fault that Casey managed to get off… It was the fault of the terrible state attorneys that decided that the fate of this case didn’t hang on making sure they could place Casey at either the death of the baby or at the shallow grave the child was found in but in making sure the jury only thought “heartless cunt” when they casey-anthony-making-out-woman-4saw poor Casey.

So they paraded every guy this slut ever blew and every girl she ever stabbed in the back to tell the world what a whack job this girl was and what a piece of shit they all thought she was.

And to a man, they all concurred with their assessment of the girl.

Casey Anthony was really one filthy, nutty, loose liar.

But, it turns out that none of those things- not her inability to feel, her difficulty with the truth, or her willingness to sexually gratify anyone who bats an eye in her general direction- happen to make a person a murderer in and of themselves…

Icasey-flossint takes proof that they killed someone in order to get a guilty verdict.

But listening to the women I have come across this afternoon; you would not have thought that was the case.

Laments of a fair trial are heard, as are wishes and desires for a little jailhouse justice to befall the assumed child killer before her release now just days away.

And it’s not just in my real life.

casey-sweetLike most homes in America this evening, the hallowed halls of the Chateau Relaxo were echoing the shrill dirges of that ghoul Nancy Grace, decrying the system doing what it is intended to do (keep people the State can’t prove committed crimes out of jail) because of its inability to provide a proper vengeance for Caylee.

Just imagine if they ran the world like this!

An eternal emotional roller coaster going up and down constantly- each violent movement having just as much to do with a change in her chocolate intake as it does with external triggers.

It’casey-smiless as our forefathers who fought hard to make sure that the hard work of maintaining a political system stayed with Men (a fight they lost) said when they were giving the world reasons against Women’s Suffrage… that women were too irrational and emotional to make an intelligent contribution to the electorate.

When combating the idea of Women’s Suffrage, our forefathers so presciently said that women were incapable of governing because they- as a gender- were too irrational and emotional to make an intelligent contribution to the electorate (and transversely government)…

Judging by the way some of our womenfolk are lashing out to this madness, they might be right.


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