Obama: "Blame the Tea Party!"

tea_party14If you are looking for someone to blame for the recent downgrade in American Credit, the Obama Re-Election committee would like you to remember the Tea Party Republicans in this mess.

Or at least that was the message the White House wanted out there on the Sunday morning talk shows.

david-axelrodSpeaking on CBS’s Face the Nation, David Axelrod- President Barack Obama’s consigliore- said that the decision by the Standard & Poor's credit agency to downgrade the U.S. from AAA to AA+ for the first time was strongly influenced by weeks of standoff between Democrats and Republicans over the debt (and not the $14 trillion dollar nut we have already hanging over our heads or the unsecured $60-80 Trillion we really need to be worried about).

Axelrod calls the action, in his words, "a tea party downgrade" and says it's clearly on the backs of lawmakers who were willing to see the country default to get their way (a way favored by a majority of the American people).

Axelrod also criticized GOP presidential candidates for not speaking up in favor of compromise.

How many if by land, sea, and air???

arrogant-ObamaMakes perfect sense to me… Why follow up all that “Buck stops here, strength in leadership” nonsense you based your campaign on three years ago when trying to make sure that the ground swelling anti-government group gaining supporters daily and the guys running against you in 2012 getting the blame makes so much more sense...

It’s like blaming the fat kid sitting across from you on the bus after your gasser made everyone turn heels…

Not trying to claim Tea Party love or anything here but it is escaping me as to how someone is trying to blame the group hell bent on curbing government spending for the American credit being downgraded because our government is spending way too much (and not because of whatever nonsense Axelrod is muttering about)?

The Tea Party wasn’t telling us all that we were not going to pay our bond holders… simply that we- as a nation- already give Washington damn near two trillion dollars a year and that they should find a way to live within that number responsibly before asking any of us (even those scummy billionaires) for more.

looking_down_barrel_4836cAnd for anyone in Washington to listen to a message like that and see anything but sound logical thinking is insanity…

It’s like listening to junkies all this past week telling me how they need to keep doing their drugs lest they end up like the poor sainted Winehouse; dropped dead from the clean living she had been doing as of late as opposed to her “snorting Drain-O off of Port-o-John floors because it made the pain go bye-bye” lifestyle she had become so known for before “seeing the light”.

But enough’s enough, damn it. Logic at some point needs to come into play.

And we cannot continue logically down the route we (as a nation) have been heading.

The American Dream?

The problem wasn’t the Tea Party Republicans stomping their feet to the demands by Big Brother for more money…

obama-unicornIt’s these entitles asshole politicians that feel as though the money of the American people is really their money. They don’t look at us as the fount from which all power rises (the basic tenant of democracy and republicanism) but rather as unsophisticated rubes to be manipulated and ruled over, and their actions speak it.

The way they railroad laws in these days (especially unpopular ones they know will arise the ire of the usually lethargic and disinterested populous)… staging these media created crisis (like the whole build up to the Apocalypse that was the credit downgrade… the Media sold me an Armageddon yet when I woke up on Saturday morning, the birds were singing and the sun rose), tell us that if we don’t do what the powerful say then all Hell will break lose, and then (after a few days of dirt rolling for the cameras and campaign donations), a law that kind of sounds a lot like the original idea we all hated in the first place (but with a whole bunch of goodies being dispersed as a way to get these pricks to vote for shit they even know is a bad idea) gets passed and quickly signed into law with nary a bat of an eye.

Health care… the most recent stimulus… the budget deal… the list goes on and on…

All seemingly brought about by artificial flames and a whole lot of fire stoking by an all too willing accomplice in the main stream media for the best interest of the powerful elite in Washington.

And it’s a shame really…

This once was a great country … I never knew it to be so (as it seems to me this shit has been part of the process since right after the murder of President Kennedy), but I hear tell it was once a shining city on a hill and a beacon for all hearts that long for freedom.

hogan_big_boot_takerYet here we are at the nexus of history and everything we were raised to believe true ended up becoming nothing more than just pro-wrestling bullshit…

A few high spots, a little mike work, and presto- 330 plus million rubes stupid enough to believe that if they scream and hope enough, the shitdicks running things will be able to “Hulk up” (as the analogy calls) and drop the Big Boot on the current ills of the world.

And we will continue to be nothing more than pro-wrestling bullshit until we lose this insane notion that Government is the source for all that is good and fair in the world and accept that the pangs of life are not better solved by nameless, faceless leviathans sent from Washington but rather by you and your community putting your heads together and coming up with the best solution available (that is until the Chinese get tired of us tanking their investment and turn us into the satellite nation of Beijing).

republicrats 5I don’t blame the Tea Party for telling Obama enough is enough with this endless spending… I blame Obama. And I blame Bush. And Clinton. And First Bush. And Reagan. And Carter. And so forth and so on…

And the Congress… EVERY Congress (except maybe the one in the 90’s that balanced the budget and had so little to do they could bother the President over a blow job he talked a fat girl into giving him).

But not the Tea Party…

(Not yet anyways…)


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