United Nations to ban racism...


United Nations logoRest easy global citizens!!!  Never again let your mind be troubled over ignorant people casting judgment on you because of your race/faith/gender/sexual preference. 

No... this isn't some chemical induced dreamscape brought about by huffing silver polish again.  Not at all.  This little bit of Utopia is brought to you by our friends in the United Nations.

That's right folks.  The same people who sat idly by as thousands of Rwandans and sodalist got butchered have come out strongly against racism.  Over a hundred nations- many of whom have had long and storied histories in oppressing people different than they are- voted on the 143 point declaration which basically attempts to outlaw racism.  Well, maybe not outlaw, as the Untied Nation does not have any actual way to enforce any of their half cocked theories.  Maybe it might be better to say that the UN is sternly discouraging the act of stereotyping by the basis of race/religion/gender/et al.

dead_africansOf course these are the same incompetent fuckers who dreamed up the Weapons Inspector program (which Iran and North Korea seem to constantly be in direct opposition of), fighting global poverty and disease (which might explain why millions of Africans die of AIDs every year and have to get buried in the hand-me-downs of the Western World), and who could forget all those successful peace keeping missions (where the peacekeepers have been known to rob, beat, and rape the local citizens they are assigned to protect.  Also see the failures of Rwanda, Congo, and Somalia).

The United States, as well as Israel, Canada, Germany, Italy, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands avoided the Geneva based conference this year.  Eight years ago, the US and Israel also avoided the conference which eventually evolved into a full blown Holocaust denying, anti-Israel, Jew hating melee.  Just like the last conference, this conference went pretty much the same way, especially when you have Iranian president and world renown whackadoodle Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed that the evidence of the Holocaust were "ambiguous and dubious" and that the West uses the Holocaust as a way to justify the "Cruel and repressive racist regime" of Israel and their occupation of the Gaza strip.

front runner for man who will destroy the worldAt the end of the day, the only thing that came about of this whole mess is that finally the rest of the nation will be able to bask in the inept glory that can only come from a job well done.  When nations known for their human right violations and the oppression of their citizenry use the moral high ground that is the stage of the United Nations to spread their mindless hate speak.  From that lofty perch, loony windbags, like Ahmadinejad, can add credibility to whatever crack pot theory these tin horn dictators are running these days.


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