Swine flu the next thing out to mankind...


2009:the year of the Pig75 students from a Queens high school have been quarantined due to some strange flu like symptoms.  8 people in California and Texas have also been put under plastic because of similar symptoms and cases popping up in other spots all over the United States.  One would think to pay little attention to the pangs of nagging flu-like symptoms this time of year- thinking them as nothing more as the death rattle of winter's final breathe.  But with these recent quarantines and warning from the CDC and the WHO, maybe one would like to rethink putting off a trip to the ol' MD.  That's right folks... we might have ourselves a PANDEMIC!!!!

Swine Flu has become the latest thing that is going to end Mankind's dominance of this planet.  Or at least so warns the Center for Diesiese Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).  And while they might have overblown those worries when it came to the Bird Flu that threatens us every few years, this time we in America might have to worry.  So far, the Swine Flu has claimed dozens of people in Mexico, with many more still struggling to get past the upper repertory illness that seems impervious to our medicines.

swine flu in MexicoThe worry behind the Swine Flu is that it could get out of hand very quickly if not acted on as soon as symptoms are diagnosed, claims the World Health Organization, concerned by the way the virus spreads and the rapidness that it spreads throughout the body.  The germs are passed along between carriers through the air, making it particularly difficult to contain.  Experts speculate that the virus might have originated in Mexico, a mutation of a virus that typically affects pigs (much like the Asian Bird Flu originated from a virus that typically infected birds).  The World Health Organization is concerned that the rapidly spreading and mutating virus is so aggressive that it could spread globally in a short time, thus putting the globe at risk for a flu pandemic (which would kill several thousands of people).  

Surgical masks are not just for doctors and insane pop stars anymore...At some point, we are going to have to figure out that these flu viruses keep mutating and causing us problems because the Earth is trying to get rid of us.  There's a reason overpopulation is a bad thing and this is it.  When you have people living so tightly together, viruses spread quickly.  And since we can't get rid of viruses (because they are smarter than us), then it is imperative for us to make our way to "Plan B".  Plan B is going to require us to be mature and steadfast in our desire to preserve the species as well as our foothold as the greatest species on the planet.  For us, as a people to try and keep these pandemic illnesses from wiping us out, we have to remove what causes them to spread like this in the first place:  The world's dirt poor.

The Earth itself, through these viral mutations (which I might add seem to always have their start point in some god forsaken third world hellhole) is out to rid the world of the extremely poor... so we, as the stewards and caretakers of our Mother Earth, should be willing to take up her cause and help her rid her surface of the impoverished.  Of course it sounds harsh... to rid the world of the poorest of us sounds monstrous... genocidal even.  But I am not alone in this thought.  Environmentalists and other Master of the Universe types have long been rumored to have designs to trim the global population by half.  And with so much of the world's inhabitants living in hellish conditions and nearly starving in places like China, India, and Africa (the entire continent is a loss and if you don't believe me then just look at your AIDs statistics.  Within the next ten years half of Africa's population will succumb to AIDs... the rest will be taken by civil war and famine) would it not make sense to humanely do what their lot in life is looking to do in a more harsh and agonizing way.  And while you roll your eyes at me and think me a savage for my perspective, just realize that while you are judging me and not honestly considering this alternative, the next world ending plague is brewing in some god awful ghetto somewhere in the world.  The Black Death killed almost everyone in Europe once because the poor were living in rat infested hovels.  Should we really be so sporting as to allow it a second crack at us?


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