Safe Home Patrice O'Neal...

patriceToday I was saddened to learn today that stand-up comic Patrice O’Neal had passed away due to complications from a stroke he had suffered a few weeks prior. He was 41.

A regular on The Opie & Anthony Show, the comic was known for his abrasive yet brilliant insights and observations on the day to day happenings of life (in particular, male-female relations) as well as for his brutal honesty (a trait he often claimed caused him to burn bridges, keeping him from being a big as he could have [and should have] been).

Personally, Patrice was one of my favorite comics and the world truly lost a brilliant mind.

But I guess God really needed to hear a good rape joke.

Selfish prick…

Safe Home Patrice.

 Now here is just a sample of some of his brilliance….

As brilliant as Patrice was on stage, I really did feel that he was at his brilliant best while sitting in on satellite radio’s Opie & Anthony Show

Gone way too soon…