Latin America under seige from Drug Cartels!!!!!

A UN backed commission has reported to the Global Body that Latin America needs the rest of the world to help them in combating the Mexican and Colombian drug cartels that are just screwing the pooch up and down Central and South America.  Apparently these cartels are just tear-assing around Latin America, taking over towns, buying out authorities, enslaving the citizens, and just straight fucking the innocent people living within those borders.


Obama scaring the Right.

Republicans are pulling thier hair out over President Obama's seemingly breakneck pace at consolidation of Federal power.  The crfies started Monday as talk radio and Fox News began discussing Obama's stealth insertion of federal regulations demanding that doctors place the medical records of ever American citizen be placed in an electronic database. 

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Third Hand Smoke?

A new threat is looming over all of our heads in 2009.It kills without prejudice.Strikes without a trace.And it may very well be bullshit.

In a further attempt by the nanny state to control our lives behind closed doors, a new study came out pointing to the effects of third hand smoke.That’s right… third hand smoke.

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Omama Nominations Dropping like Flies

This is so fucked up, it had to be done on purpose.

After a week of hemming and hawing over the nomination of economic savior Timothy Giehtner to head the Treasury due to his failure to pay his taxes, President Barrack Obama today had to put out fires caused by two other Cabinet nominees for not paying their taxes.

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What Do You Think

Gay Marriage....

Our Friends Check Them Out


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