Was Sandy Hook a "Staged Event"????

conspiracy_20theory_20rockIt's been a while since this website dove face first into a good conspiracy theory, our mind diverted by the siren song of fiction (Cletus T. Broshus: Monster Hunter, available in iBook April 1). If was a much needed break to be sure, and a whole lot safer than poking the Obama bear (as he has grown comfortable flouting his power as of late). 

But today, while pumping breaks during afternoon stop 'n go, I happened upon a theory concerning our Nation's most recent heart wrenching tragedy that I just had to pass along. 

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Robot Burger Flipper to collapse economy!!!!

Robot vs Human_onlineOne day, we will look back upon this moment and realize this was the Jenga block that caused it all to crumble…

We hear a lot in our current day to day about income inequality and the shrinking job market. 

About how some 95 million Americans are out of work (and have been for a rather long time) and have little hope for finding another career. 

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Russian predicts China to defeat America...

us-china-fightApparently, the Russians have looked into their crystal ball and have seen the defeat of America in the very near future...

Six years to be exact. 

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Sen. Lee presents the true dangers of an ever-expanding Government...

bloody-flagIt's easy to speak of the "dangers" of an ever expanding Government...

But not long after you get to the exciting part about the boot of Big Brother stepping down on the throat of the Free Man as an uninterested ruling oligarchy look on uninterested, whoever asked you about them regrets even bringing it up. 

And why wouldn't they? 

Much like your wife's day at work, this "Big Brother watch dog" shit can be a bit of a bore. 

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Could Obama add "Impeachment" to his woes???

king-barryFor years, Conservative media and Libertarian types have been caterwauling about the reaches President Obama has made using his Executive Powers. 

And finally there is an elected official doing something about it...

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