Disney the latest front on War on Christmas!!!

mickey-clausThere  is a new front on the War on Christmas… The happiest place pin Earth!!!!

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Obama to grads: "Tyranny, Shmearanny..."

baRRY-OWhile speaking to the 2013 Ohio State University graduating class on Sunday, President Barrack Obama stood before the future of America and called on them to forego their “individual ambitions”, ignore voices screaming out in the wilderness about “Government Tyrannies”, and join the fold of the Future Makers in Washington. 

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Might there be changes coming to Marijuana Laws???

potJudging by the apparent ineffectiveness our impotent Congress has been over the past few weeks at moving forward any sort of Legislation (seemingly unable to get anything done without creating some violent near Apocalypse intended to scare them into doing their jobs), it would be easy to assume that while the Economy crumbles, Corruption runs rampant, and the Chief Executive attempts to abscond with more and more of our civil liberties in his undying quest to keep us all safe, that Congress would have much bigger fish to fry than those outdated, futile, and increasingly unpopular (and difficult to defend when asked about it) Federal Marijuana Laws.

And if you were to assume as much, you would be assuming wrong…

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Solving the Sequester...

uncle-sam-suicideHere we are… Day 10 of our precious Government having it’s balls cut off by that god damned Sequester…

Oh the humanity… How will we ever survive this cold, hard winter with our precious Government being choked under the idea of living within its means… What godless, heartless cocksuckers we are for demanding such accountability from our elected officials.

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GOP just figured out Obama hates them...

snoopyAnyone to the Right of Center should be ready to breathe a deep sigh of relief today because for the first time since being elected Speaker of the House and Head of the House Republicans, John Boehner has finally figured out something that the rest of his party has wanted to scream into his ears for two impotent years…

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